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slinkeyOctober 6, 2010

OA... I couldn't sleep knowing I was going to the Dr today...natch. Anyway, after the kids left for school,

I took advantage of the extra time to take these pictures and post them for you this morning.

The first one is a Full View of the Front

DH designed it to look like there were small drawers,which are faux, to give it some interest.

Side Profile...

Here you can see the detail of the top portion...and the little hinges, where the top folds down...(note) little magnetic clip which helps to keep it closed..

Top portion folded down...with TV inside

Extended out and swiveled towards the table....

Here you see the 'swivel mechanism' attached at the back.

I bought this online, at a fraction of the cost that Walmart was selling it for.

Here it is swiveled in the opposite direction.

Bottom Portion, where you see the cables and wires...

I took advantage of the space for some cookbooks.

Everyone is blown away when they see it in there because it's so 'low profile'. I love it cause it's a piece of furniture... serves a purpose and looks good to.

Hope this was helpful.


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It is wonderful! DH is very talented for sure!
I am not OA, but I kew you wouldn't mind if I looked.
Hope all goes well at the doc today!

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Thanks Kathleen for the good wishes.
I'll pass the word on to DH that 'You Liked It' !! lol


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That is a fantastic piece of furniture. He did a great job, I love the finish.

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We have a kitchen cabinet where we want to do something quite similar to what you have done--we need to put the TV (which we haven't bought yet) on a swivel just like you have. I'll show these pix to DH and see what he thinks!

I'm just a little conflicted about it, though. Since we moved in a year-and-a-half ago, we have had no television. It's so peaceful without tv! I miss the sports and the HGTV (although I thought HGTV was going downhill some--don't know if it's improved). But there may be new channels that I'll probably like.

- Magpie

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Magpie - I would say you are better off without TV - I hate myself sometimes because I get glued to it and watch senseless stuff and waste so much productive time. It is on pretty much all the time as background noise

Slinky - that cabinet is such a clever idea - your husband did a GREAT job. I showed it to my husband also ......


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WOW that is a great cabinet...your DH is a genius! Our house is open for the most part, so you can see DH's gargantuan TV from everywhere but the bed/bathrooms :^(
Thanks for showing us your wonderful solution!

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I love it. DH did a fantastic job on this, kudos on the design!!
Thanks for sharing, and T & P's coming your way for your visit.


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Jane, I am so impressed with your DH's ingenuity and vision! The tv cabinet is wonderful and fits into your home so well, open or closed. I love the faux drawer look! TFS

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Thank you, thank you. We are going to get a flat screen for the guest room/hubby's office. This is such a good idea. We can't build one ourselves, but it is a perfect set-up for our situation. Your husband is an artist!

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Jane, your husband sure did a wonderful job on your television cabinet. I am so impressed at his carpenter skills and his design choices--which are probably influenced by you too. This piece fits your home's style perfectly and is a wonderful way to hide the television.

Jaybird, I have to accept DH's big tv too--I just bought a big cabinet to surround it and accept it! LOL


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Thanks Ladies for all the nice compliments.
I passed them on to DH, who just smiles and is amazed that we ALL have this connection to one another here! lol

OA...and to anyone else, I hope this was helpful...
Any further questions, just let me know.


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Hello. Just want to chime in in agreement -- that is a fantastic design and implementation! Kudos to your DH.

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Thanks PM...so nice of you to say so. I
appreciate it, and will let DH know!


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