Need help sizing undermount sinks

piscesgirlJune 6, 2012

Our new vanity cabinet will be 18" deep (approx 19" with door fronts). The sink cabinet width will be 36". What size sink should we be looking for? We don't want a super tiny sink, but at the same time I don't want our plumbing fixtures crammed up against the backsplash.

Any suggestions on an undermount sink that would work for our cabinet?

Also thoughts on round vs rectangle shapes?

Our vanity top is calacatta marble with ogee edge. The faucet is Newport Brass Victoria with the cross handles.


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It's going to be tight, and frankly, I don't really see it as possible unless you used a wall mount faucet or placed the faucet in the corner of the sink. I have the Kohler Archer sinks in a 22" deep counter and, as you can see below, there's not a ton of room behind the handles or in front of the sink (and the Archer sinks are on the smaller side). Keep in mind that my vanity top was custom and has a 1" overhang, which makes the space in front of the sink appear larger than the actual dimensions of the opening in the base.

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Kevin, how do you like the sink? I am planning on a new bathroom remodel as I wind down on the current project. I am thinking that a 36" vanity at 21" depth would work. We like to splash a lot and maybe do some laundry in the sink :) So starting to look at sink size options.

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Firsthome, are you unable to fit a 21" deep vanity in your bathroom? I have a 36 x 21" vanity in my guest bath. It has an overmount sink with an opening of 15 x 12". I'm looking at the Kohler Caxton undermount in the 15 x 12" to replace it.

Enduring, I handwash light items in that sink without a problem (no sweaters). I can't wash my face without splashing, so I don't know if it's my problem or the sink's problem. I saw the 17" Caxton installed in a 36" countertop and it looked nice, but I'm reluctant to give up even 2 inches of counter space.

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Thanks May-flowers, but do you mean the Kohler Archer or the sink in your above mentioned guest bath?

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