Stopping by with a few wedding pics :)

milosmom_gwOctober 4, 2010

I know some of you have been waiting for

It'll be awhile before the pro pics come back but I have a few that trickled in yesterday.

The main men in my life (hubby and my "baby")..

Some point in the ceremony ..

We're stuck together

Not the best pic but geez , it was bright out..

and for fun, a good pic of the alter arrangements. I just loooved them and the bright colors.

All in all it went very well despite my waking up with a raging sinus infection on Fri morning. Darn weather change anyways.

That aside, I truly couldn't have asked for a better day and it was totally "us".

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Wonderful pictures!!! You are a beautiful bride! The men in your life are so handsome. The flowers are lovely. Looks like the weather was perfect. Best wishes to you and your new husband for a long happy and healthy life together.

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OMgosh, are a BEAUTIFUL bride! And you & DH look so GOOD! (handsome son, too!) Was thinking of you & so happy that the weather was nice & sunny!...those stone walls for bkgrd in pics are gorgeous! The flowers are so bright & cheery...I knew it went well when you said, "it was totally us." Great planning & pulling it off so beautifully! Congrats & many, happy, healthy yrs ahead to you both & your family! TFS! Jeanne S.

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What a beautiful bride you were, MM! BIG, BIG congratulations to you both!!! Your dress and flowers were just lovely. I'm glad that your special day went so beautifully despite your sinus infection.

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Beautiful beautiful people!!
(and the pictures are great too!)
Congratulations and a lifetime of blessings to you both!

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Oh, how pretty y'all are. Best Wishes to both of you. Your beautiful flowers all worked perfectly. I'm glad the weather held out for you too.

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What a Beautiful Family..Bride/Groom and your son.
I remember when you posted pictures of your gown and flowers and thought how gorgeous everything was..
Well seeing it all on now, is Even Better!
Many Blessings for a Happy Life and Future Together...


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MM, you looked lovely. Can you tell us more about where the pictures/wedding took place? Love the stone wall.

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Like everyone else has said, you look lovely, your gown is beautiful & looks like the men in your life are very happy for this day!

Like OA, I was wondering what the outside setting was too!!

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Thank you all for the lovely comments :).

OA: The wedding was held at a friend of ours 70 acre gated estate. It's a complete castle style complex of over a football field in size with his private residence tucked into the center.
His young daughter Lacey had always dreamed of living in a castle and he promised to build her one but she got sick, suffered a toxic reaction to the medication and passed away in Jan 1987.
In honoring what she had always wanted, he started working on it in 1988 and laid each rock hand by hand until it was completed.
Now , it is a foundation commited to preserving & allowing the return of the indigenous spieces. He serves now as a wildlife management area, improving habitat, and aid in research studys,
environmental issues, and wildlife habitat conservation.
A truly peaceful and lovely place completely untouched by building highways,subdivisions ect.

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You are a Gorgeous Bride! That dress is fabulous! Your two guys are quite handsome. What a fairy tale day (aside from the dang sinus infection). The story about that estate was very special to read. From heartbreak to heartwarming. I'm so glad you shared these photos, and hope to see more soon.

Congratulations, may your marriage be long and blessed.
hugs, Karen

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The other gals have said it all, lovely bride, handsome groom and son, gorgeous gown,great flowers, and a beautiful setting--everything a wedding should be! I too am so happy your day went well in spite of the sinus infection. May you both have a happy and blessed future together. Luvs

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What everybody else said!!
You look gorgeous, and your dress is amazing.
Congratulations and Best Wishes to you both.
You just did an amazing job on everything!


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MM, you did it! Yeah... and the pictures are wonderful. So happy for you and it will be great to have you back here more often. I have been wanting to put up a post "Where Oh Where Is Sweet Little MM" but couldn't remember if you had planned a honeymoon right away. It will be 37 years in Dec. and we still haven't went on ours.LOL

Everything looks beautiful and will look forward to seeing more pictures.


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Hey Punk, for me it will be 40 yrs this month and still NO honeymoon! I think you and I can give up getting one now.

hugs, Karen

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LOL ... after 9 years, we decided there was no real point in wasting our $ on a honeymoon.
We haven't been on vacation in 8 years so maybe one day we'll take one and call it a honeymoon. (Not holding my breath on that though) LOL
Now that we're back home and it's all over, once I get everything packed away and things return to normal, I'll be back here full time and just in time for my favorite seasons to.
Can't wait to see everyones wonderful creations. :)

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Lovely bride, handsome groom and son, georgous gown, beautiful setting.What can I say that hasn't already been said. Congtats on your special day. Wishing you a lon. Janetg and happy life together

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Congratulations! You look beautiful, and what a wonderful spot for a wedding! Much happiness to you!

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