Need Help with Cabinet Layout in Laundry Room

ddc5151May 2, 2012

Need Help with Cabinet Layout in Laundry Room. I want an area with shelves or cubbies to put 3-4 baskets for clothes. Need a cabinet to store some small craft stuff and wrapping paper. Want an area to hang clothes. Taller items may either go in here or in the closet in the mudroom. Was thinking a tall cabinet in between the two doors in laundry room for this.

Utility Sink, Washer, & Dryer can't be moved!!!

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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I would move the laundry sink between the doors and have the w/d against the master closet wall. I would use the opposite wall (12' long) for a tall cabinet behind the door swing and a long cabinet/counter run. You can put baskets under the counter or you could make a tall stack beside the tall cabinet. This would make a great folding area or gift wrap area.

Sorry - just read that the sink and w/d can't be moved...

I would still do a counter run beside the dryer and a tall cabinet between the doors. Depending on the height of your w/d, you can always do hanging over it if you wish.

Best wishes!

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log in to pinterest, and search for "laundry room" for inspiration. There are a lot of good ideas for laundry rooms.

As a start, here are some I've pinned:

Source: via Dayna on Pinterest

Source: via Dayna on Pinterest

Source: via Dayna on Pinterest

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ddc one thing I would try is moving the door from closet over towards the sink more. Since sink and W/D are traffic anyway you might as well have the door there too and free up space on that wall for your tall cupboard/hanging/craft area.
The other long wall I would keep for long countertop for folding. You can put baskets under that. Wall cabs above.
I'd use pocket doors from closet to laundry and mud to laundry. I have these now and planned them in the new house. Really makes a positive difference in how my rooms work. Mine live open except when company comes;)

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Nothing to add since I messed up my laundry and have no place for my fold down ironing board now (put a pull out trash in the cabinet by it and the trash can't pull out if the ironing board is there) . . .

I must say though kirkhall your first one is the most beautiful laundry solution I have ever seen - great for an old house with a hallway closet laundry like I used to own. That is a HUGE improvement!

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@athens--I've been trying to figure out Laundry Up or Laundry down (up has little space, so closet configuration of some sort, hence this picture idea; down will have lots of space, but isn't the same floor as all the bedrooms...) So, I've been collecting small laundry spaces as well as long skinny ones.

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We solved that by putting in two. One up in the kids bathroom, stacked, since they do their own laundry; and one down in the mudroom not stacked for the big stuff.
We did away with two sinks in the kids and got the W/D in with a big closet.

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