niche in shower or baskets?

AudryJune 29, 2012

We're getting ready (actually already started) to build a new master bathroom. I've been planning right along to have a niche built into the shower, but I'm worried that setting bars of soap in a niche is going to end up with a soap-scummy mess in the niche and running down the wall below it. Also, we like to hang washcloths in the shower. So now I'm wondering if I'd be better off forgoing the niche and using one of those spring-loaded poles with 3 wire baskets and assorted hooks and things that stands in the corner of the shower. Any opinions are appreciated. Thanks!

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Well, I definitely wouldn't plan on the pole thing. That always looks so after-the-fact.

You can have a shelf or permanent baskets, like this one from moen that also functions as a grab bar:

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I'm planning on the Moen grab bar/basket. Right now they only come in satin nickel but will be available next month in chrome.

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I think you should do a niche and a basket. We just did a niche for our master bath shower and the niche is great for shampoo bottles etc (but not for soap and little things like razors). However, we are planning on adding corner basket for this stuff. We found something we like at the Container store which can be glued on with silicone. I like that it is not permanent so we can change it out later. (My tile guy told us that you can remove something glued onto tile with silicone with a razor blade later...I hate drilling into tile for something which might break later or need replacing).

Here is a link that might be useful: Corner basket

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Annie Deighnaugh

We did corner shelves.

I finally convinced DH to switch to scrubby and body wash...what a huge difference compared to soap scum! So much easier to keep the shower clean.

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I also don't like the idea of drilling tile for permanent baskets, which is why I was looking at the pole type, but I like the glue on basket idea. I'll have visit the container store to check those out. A combo of that and a niche might be the best thing... I like the look of the niche because I can put my pretty accent tile in the back of it.

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I put in a Motiv hotelier basket and soap dish and I am pretty happy with it. I had wanted to do a niche, but because of the fact that my shower is on two outside walls and the only inside wall had a bunch of pipes and the plumbing stack, it really wasn't going to work well.

Be careful about some of the cheaper baskets that mount to the wall with suction cups. I bought one from Target that looked nice, but it rusted very quickly.

One thought ... perhaps a niche for the shampoo and a soap dish basket.

Here is a link that might be useful: Motiv Hotelier Baskets

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We have niches, no baskets, and use bar soap. We keep our soap on clear mini soap savers (I buy them in pkg's of two at BB&B). Soap air dries on the soap savers between showers. No goop on the shelves, nor any running down the walls.

Couldn't find them on BB&B's site, but here's a link to the company's site so you can see a pic.

Here is a link that might be useful: Spectrum mini soap saver

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We have what cat mom has--the soap savers--works great in our niches--even the ones in the boys' baths! Those baskets look nice, but you'll be cleaning any mess that runs down out of them onto the walls too + the intracacies of cleaning around the wires and joints in the basket. Keep in mind the basket may rust at the joints depending on the type of solder they used--I've never used the one in the picture, but all the ones I've had in the past have shown signs of rust eventually. At least the niche is a non-rusting, open space that's easy to clean when needed.

On the topic of soap scum--switching to body wash is a great way to avoid it.My DH won't switch, though, so I buy Dove bar soap and we haven't had any of the problems that we used to have with other bar soaps.

Hope this helps!

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Thanks for all the input everyone.

Those soap savers look like they might be just the ticket. You guys have convinced me to stick with the niche, whether I add baskets or not. My bathroom design is very minimal and I think the niche adds a lot to the look, even before considering functionality. I think maybe I'll try it with just the niche and only buy a suction cup or silicone stick on basket if I feel it's necessary once we're using the shower. Every shower basket I've ever had has rusted eventually too, which is another reason I haven't seriously considered permanent ones.

We use all-natural hand made bar soap, which we get for free in exchange for labeling/ marketing/ design help from a friend who has a boutique soap business, so I don't forsee us switching to body wash any time soon :)

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Cool! So glad to be of help!

We recently switched to using natural, handmade soaps sold by someone local. DH and I both use the oatmeal soap, but I also LOVE the lavender! Heavenly!

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I put in a niche. I made the bottom shelf short to fit a soap dish and for razors just have a pretty cup to hold them on the shelf above it.
I don't have a picture of it all filled up yet.
Staceyneil was my inspiration for the niche! This holds everything we need for a family of 4(no master bath yet).
From Upstairs and Basement bathrooms

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positano, your niche looks like it can hold a lot, and is beautiful, too!

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Thanks Cat Mom.....we love it! And yes, we can fit so many bottles in it!

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Thanks Cat Mom, we love it and yes it hold so many bottles!

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