Isn't this a great idea?

dawnpOctober 19, 2011

Sorry - place to post a link at the bottom seems to be missing today!

I saw the instructions for the pumpkins on Martha Stewart's site and I found a similar tree on

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Oh, now it's working. Here's the link

Here is a link that might be useful: Pumpkin tree

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That is very cute! Please share a pic when you've done yours, too. Are the pmpkns made of scrapbook paper/cardstock? TFS! Jeanne S. (& I love that tree!)

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Thanks dawnp...
This was such a cute idea.
The little pumpkins remind me of the 'Chinese Lanterns' we used to make as kids with construction paper.

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I went to the pumpkin tree link and if you click on the previous pictures you will see some awesome ideas. There are Halloween decorations, picture gallery walls, beautifull bedrooms with neat headboards, beautiful pictures of birds and so much more. It takes some time to see all the amazing pictures but I thought it was well worth the time. I will certainly go back again.

Thank you so much for this truly wonderful link.


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Glad you guys like it.

Jeannespinnes - I will!I have the perfect spot on my hearth(when we don't have a fire!) for it and we always have a houseful for Thanksgiving. Yes, I'm sure it is scrapbook paper.

Marylee - I, too, looked through many of her photos. She really does have some good stuff!

Here is the link to the Martha Stewart instructions in case anyone's interested. Each pumpkin takes 24 strips of paper.

Here is a link that might be useful: Martha's pumpkins

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Thanks for sharing this, Dawn. Its always so neat to get new ideas, and of course we're all photo-obsessed here and never get enough of seeing any kind of decor stuff.

hugs, Karen

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