Hildy, Hortence and Hermineny~~~

nana2010_gwOctober 1, 2013

From 2013-10-01 (by Eye-Fi)

want be the first to wish you Happy Halloween
It seems th ere has been an upset within their ranks (YIKES) and these sisters have decided to do their own table.
Do not be fooled by their slightly Daffy looks. They are the witchiest of all the witches in their coven. From 2013-10-01 (by Eye-Fi)

Just look at what they did to these poor Cats!!

They know some of you like the cute side of Halloween so they did not do a scary table From 2013-10-01 (by Eye-Fi) From 2013-10-01 (by Eye-Fi) From 2013-10-01 (by Eye-Fi) From 2013-10-01 (by Eye-Fi) From 2013-10-01 (by Eye-Fi)

Wishing you a very Spooky Halloween he he he
Hildy, Hortence and Herminey
Jeanne If you see this I hope it makes you smile.

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Yup,...made me smile, nana! LOL, too!
those are 3 wicked witches, all right!
You have such an imagination, nana ... & I love that lacey t'cloth for the backdrop to everything here!
Fun times ahead for your wicked ladies!! TFS! Jeanne

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Sweet, goofy witches and darling black cats on this ts. Are those black cats old? Kitties do look scared but I think Hildy, Hortence and Hermineny look pretty harmless! Cute shoes and potion bottles. Your hats on top of the plate stack are so pretty.

Maybe the kitties are afraid of those ghosts that seem to be flying around or that fancy spider crawling on the plate!hehe You've done a great job on this fun table. I can handle a bit of scary for Halloween but not gory. I don't even like to watch scary movies when I'm up late by myself.LOL

Keep up the great work entertaining us, Nana.


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Love the witches, the shoes, the napkin rings, the hats, the fun black tree, did I mention the shoes? LOL

Very cute and fun! I just hope the 3 witches don't cause too much trouble!

Another great table and it made me smile too!!


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This made me smile too!
Those witchs look 'impy and mischeivious' to me...and
have those cats looking like 'scardy cats' ! lol
Like Punk, I was going to ask if those cats were old too.
They have a nice vintage look to them.
ARe the witches part of the set you bought at Big Lots?
They are perfect for this table with the hats and shoes.
ONe more ques...where did you get those hats? I love them!
Enjoyed seeing your 'Happy Halloween' table.
Thanks Nana.

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Hildy, Hortence, and Hermineny are very happy you like their table. They are the first ones I got at Big Lots
I'm glad this table made you all smile.
The cats are old [not as old as those Hags tho] they were given to me by an older neighbor years ago and she said they belonged to her MIL.
Those shoes are from Big Lots last year, I think.
The hats are actually candles I don't remember where I got them.
I think those ladies are playing games with my memory.
Seriously, if I remember I let you know.
There is a lot of commotion here since these witches are not getting along.
I hope they solve their differences SOON
Thanks again for looking.

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Nice table setting, I like the little hats on the plates, and of course the witches :)


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I am one of those who avoid the 'scary' stuff...and nothing scary about these cute witches. They are adorable!
(keep those green-faced,snaggle-tooth, hook-nosed, mean old hags away from me, thank you very much) These gals are right up my alley.

You sure gave me a huge smile this evening, and a very welcome one! Plus you are making me want to get out my witches and black cats this year! I forgot what they even look like. I think I'll enjoy my Fall decor another week then tweak it enough to do some Halloween.

Keep an eye on those 3 gals, no telling what they might do when you're not looking! (GREAT names they have by the way)

hugs, Karen

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Nana, such a cute TS. I love the witches, the hats , the cats, all of it. You have a great knack for putting the right things together and know just where to place each piece.I made me smile too

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