Are Dual Evaporator Refrigerators Worthwhile?

repacMay 16, 2012

We're contemplating a new KitchenAid SxS refrigerator. Is the dual evaporator system worth it? Anyone have experience with the food filter system, and is it worthwhile? Also, why do so many frigs lack adjustability for the shelves?

Thanks in advance

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We've had a KA side-by-side that is counter depth and 72" tall since 2006. It does not have the dual evaporator, but I know most of the KA and higher end GE Profiles do now. I've read the dual evaporator is a plus since it keeps food fresher longer, as it doesn't recycle the air through the freezer. The KA we have does cool well and accurate temps. But the ice dispenser is a pain (but new models have a different design). In the next year or two I'd like to replace it with a counter depth french door.

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May I ask what about the ice dispenser is a pain? Through-the-door ice is a key feature to us. We have a 15+ year old KA, and the ice maker is the weak link. Was hoping they would have improved it by now.

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When I got the KA in 2006, we got a 5 year extended warranty for it. Over that time, the ice maker had to be replaced twice. It would get jammed-up and not fall into the ice bucket. The jammed ice would cause the motor to stop working. Because of that, when the 5yr warranty ended, I got a 2 year warranty, since I figured the ice maker would need another replacement in that time.

The second issue is with the ice chute. When you place a cup up to it and press on the lever, the ice will sometimes get stuck in the plastic chute and you have to stick something up there to get it loose.

So we pretty much dislike the ice maker/dispenser on it.

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Thanks for the info, fauguy. That's really concerning about the ice dispenser. Have to look into the repair record on the new ones, and think about an extended warranty.

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Mine has the ice bucket on the freezer door, but the ice maker is still on the top-shelf area inside the freezer. The newer models have the actual ice maker on the door right above the bucket. To me, that is a better design, but still not sure if it would eliminate myvissue of ice jamming up the arm and causing the motor to go out. Also, the newer models have a much larger cut-out opening on the front for taller glasses. We always have to tilt ours slightly to fit under there when getting water or ice.

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This is the top of the line free-standing counter depth SxS fridge that KA makes, which is probably the one your looking at.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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