Appliance angst-too many options

secondhalfMay 25, 2012

Please tell me if I will regret:

36" gas range and GE advantium as occasional second oven.

My other option is 30" cooktop and double wall ovens but in looking at the remodel plans, the only place for the wall ovens just isn't a great spot.

I love the look of the professional 36" range. But I really would love two ovens. But is an issue.

And if I do go with the 36", and I have 5-6000 to spend on it, what would you recommend? I am a decent cook, would like to get better, and I enjoy baking.

Thanks in guys are great.

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There is no accounting for taste in these matters, I am afraid. All I can say is the we are quite happy with our 36" Bluestar range and our Miele Speed Oven. Your proposed layout would be quite similar. The reports on the 240Volt Advantiums are quite favorable around here and I would not hesitate to look at one if our Miele ever expires.

What I really like is that I have a small oven that may be used for just about any sort of baked dish. It heats up quickly and is mounted conveniently at eye-level. The speed modes work great for casseroles and the like and you don't have to heat up the big oven in the range for single-meal baking.

On the other hand, you have the immense oven in the Bluestar, which heats quite evenly, much more so than any oven we have ever had, for big items or Pizza night.

As for the Bluestar, there is some degree of "polarization" (putting it mildly) on the subject which I am not too interested in getting into. My observations of MY OWN range are that it is a heavy-duty residential range with lots of power and a very simple theory of operation. The only electronics in the machine are the ignition/flame sensor module and it puts out impressive power on the all-cast-iron top. The Bluestar is descended from the Garland commercial range and it is really a utilitarian beast more than what I would call a refined and amenity-festooned home range. I personally do not think the Bluestar can match a Wolf residential range in terms of styling or elegance. It can't get close to a Bertazzoni, which are really striking from an industrial-design standpoint. However, the oven and the burners will smoke a Berta.

The other option for a really top-notch (in terms of capability) residential range is the Capital Culinarian or the upcoming Connoisseurian (Dual Fuel, I believe) The Culinarian is descended from the Capital Precision range and is more "residential" looking, does not sit up on legs, and offers, in various options, a rotisserie, self-clean, and an even hotter burner than on the Bluestar. Both the Bluestar and the CC have super-hot "restaurant style" infrared broilers that will allow pretty impressive crusts on steaks and such and I think the one on the Capital is bigger than on the Bluestar, if that is important to you.

To me, the way to evaluate a range is to go look at the thing. Even better, go cook on one. Try them out with a wok if you are looking to broaden your horizons; test the ovens with baked goods you prepared yourself. I know Trevor at Eurostoves has a nice selection of ranges that he allows customers to cook on, and I know that Bluestar, at least, has "demo days" scheduled all around the country. I would imagine that Capital has something similar. Check around.

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