New Meile double wall oven

misha16May 10, 2012

I going to kitchen cabinet maker this Sunday so I need to have my appliances all line up so appropriate size holes will be cut .My wife and I visit appliance store to finilize our selection where manager told us Miele double oven(new version h4894bp2) is not better than KA in quality and longivety suggesting looking into Gagganeu or Wolf but my wife doesn't like Gaggenau and Wolf doesn't have rottiserie which she was hoping for so question to those who just purchase Miele do you regret,does it have problems

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Do not have a Miele but have a Gaggenau double oven and it is perfect. The control you have with this oven is amazing and it is built to last. I researched ovens for months and kept coming back to the Gagg.

Many here will tell you to go with the Gagg or the Wolf. I will say this about Miele, the quality of their products are far superior to KA.

Good luck with your selection, I know it's an appliance jungle out there! :)

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Keep in mind KA is now owned and made by Whirlpool - I would seriously question the statement that KA is superior to Miele. We've had some really bad experience with Whirlpool quality and customer service. If you like the Miele, go for it.

We just replaced oven, cooktop and dishwasher with Bosch products and absolutely love them.

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I noticed you are a relatively new member of GW, or at least registering, so you have probably missed the posts on the Miele and the KA ovens. Go back one page, (to the main Appliance Page), and then at the bottom, do a search for Miele ovens, and also do the same for the Kitchenaid ovens.

We are starting to see more favorable reviews on recent KA Ovens, but still not seeing a lot on the Miele ovens---so perhaps you would be willing to be our "Explorer" to see how the newest Miele ovens are working out.

Most folks that want a "Safer bet" than the 2 "Oven brands" that you mention, tend to go with Electrolux, Wolf and as of late, we seem to see more Bosch ovens being mentioned, most in a positive manner!


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