Marble Safe Liquid Hand Soap

pricklypearcactusJune 8, 2010

What liquid hand soaps are safe for use in a sink with carrera marble countertops? I have previously used Softsoap or Ivory (with laminate countertops), but I do not have a marble sample for testing and I would hate to unnecessarily etch my countertop. Ideally I would like to find something I can purchase at a grocery store (not have to special order online) that has minimal scent. If the product is environmentally friendly, that would be even better. But, since I have not been able to definitively determine any safe soaps, I'm open to all suggestions. Thanks!

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Anyone? Maybe even a bar soap if necessary?

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I was looking for an answer on this, and I found this martha stewart product:

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From what I've read it needs to be neither basic nor acidic; so ph neutral. I found Kiss My Face liquid hand soap and shower gel at our local health food store and the labels say ph balanced. I intended to get some litmus paper and test them, but I haven't. I've used both the hand soap and the shower gel and I don't notice any etching so far with this product, but I am careful. Looking forward to seeing what others may contribute. I'd like to find a ph balanced bar soap because I've heard they leave less residue than shower gels in general... My marble is all well sealed, but I noticed the KMF shower gel does have olive oil in the contents which doesn't sound like it would "mix" well with marble. Doing internet searches on this question has yeilded me little info (other than a few expensive webmail order items). I've run across info that Dove bar soap may be ph balanced, but I'm not sure whether that is true or not. I guess I'd better go find the litmus paper!

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I'm thinking of using carrera marble for the vanity top in my bathroom. I believe this is what my mother had. I don't remember it being an issue. Can it be sealed or something so it doesn't require being babied?

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Thank you very much for sharing, grobruno and kimkitchy. I know a grocery store near my home carries the Kiss My Face products, so I will give that a try. Kimkitchy, do you happen to know exactly which Kiss My Face hand soap you're using? I looked on their site and it appears they have quite an array of products! Some appear to have olive oil (moisturizing I believe) and others have an orange extract (acidic?). I don't see any that specifically say pH balanced, but maybe the products themselves state that.

In general we are fairly careful in the house. We don't have any children, though we do occasionally have visitors with children. My hope is if I can select a product that has minimal impact on the marble, then we can keep the countertop mostly pristine (I have no delusions about the marble staying perfect forever).

Anyone else have marble and liquid hand soap that they've found to be safe?

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I think the one I have has the orange extract. It may not be on the website, but the label on the back of the product reads ph balanced.

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Thanks so much kimkitchy! Your "pH balanced" comment was a great inspiration for me doing some different searches on the web, and I see that there are a few other manufacturers (like Ecover) that also make some pH balanced hand soaps. I will have to head to my local health food grocery store and see what is available.

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