Rainshower drips when using wall shower

washergirlJune 13, 2013

I recently had my master bathroom renovated. I have a rainshower head mounted in the ceiling and a Grohe handheld shower faucet mounted on the wall. There is an on/off lever for each fixture and one temperature control that serves both. My issue is that the rainhead drips when it is not on. It only seems to happen when you are actually taking a shower using the wall fixture (it doesn't drip when everything is off). The configuration of the shower and location of the fixtures makes it impossible not to always be standing under the rainshower, so while showering you always get hit with several drips of ice cold water.

I have talked to my contractor about this several times, but he always says that the rainheads hold alot of water and that it is common for them to drip for a long time after turning them off. I have not turned the rainshower on in several months, so this seems excessive.

Does anyone have any other thoughts as to what the problem might be and if there are any fixes for it? The redo was pretty pricey and I am finding myself rushing in and out of the shower, dodging icy drops of water, rather than enjoying my pretty new bathroom.

Any suggestions appreciated!

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I can only give my own experience. We have a new bathroom with a shower that has a rain shower and hand held (and a fixed). I've used each individually, and all at the same time. We have a Moen idigital valve for all three. The rain shower is Grohe. I don't know what brand the other fixtures are (long story).
Bottom line: when one fixture is off, it is OFF. No drips. And that includes the rain shower.
I'm enjoying the shower so much, it makes me sad to hear you as another new shower owner are not having the enjoyment as I am in enjoying what we have spent a LOT of money on.
Good luck. If you live in Houston, I know someone I can recommend. Email me.

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I am not an expert , but I think you need to check the on/off lever for the rainshower . It is obviously getting water through it when it's turned off .

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