Carrara Marble in Master Bath - pros and cons?

nikinikinineJune 19, 2012

We are in the process of building and our plan is a mix of carrara (white venetino) marble and subway tile in our master bath. Every vendor -- except for the tile vendor, of course -- that hears we are planning for marble strongly discourages us. Since this will be a costly investment beyond our allowance budget I wanted to hear some user stories of successes and sadnesses over the use of marble.

A little bit about our family -- I have 17 month old twins, soon to be 3 kids under 2 years old. We also have a 72 pound yellow lab. And I have a husband. He's a clean husband, but he's a husband.

Our vibe is very lived in and comfortable. Classic and clean, but airy and fresh. I worry about the carrara feeling to stuffy (in addition to being a maintenance nightmare). So that's my life.

These were our two inspiration pictures that we started off with

Here is our master bath

The current plan is to run white subway tile with light gray grout in the shower with mini hex venetino floors. The bathroom floors will be 6x18 venetino laid in a brick pattern. The tub surround will be white subway tile to tie back into the shower space, although we're considering a marble deck. And our countertops will be a carrara slab that's as close of a match to the white venetino as my stone yard offers.

Please leave me feedback on your carrara experiences and the design plan in general. Are there places that would be better to skip the marble to save on a headache or is it a go big or go home kind of situation?

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We are about to embark on a master bath remodel as well, with similar materials: white subway tile in the shower, marble mosaic shower floor, 12 x 12 honed marble tile floors and a marble tub deck and countertops. I tried to read as much here on GW as possible about people's experiences with marble in the bathroom and feel comfortable with my choice to proceed. I don't really feel the maintenance will be a nightmare, but more needing to be mindful. We will squeegee the shower dry after each use and attempt as much as possible to not use bar soap, not use anything but pH neutral products in it. I'm using the white subway tile in the shower in part because I like the looks and in part because I hope that will cut down a bit on the marble maintenance. My plan now is to use Glass Plus as needed on the shower door (safe for marble) and to clean the tile and floor with a home made water/alcohol mix recommended on this site. The countertops I will use a daily stone cleaner I think. The floors, I am not quite sure about yet! Anyway, those are my ramblings, but as we don't have the bathroom project begun yet, I hope others who have lived with their marble for awhile will chime in!
Oh, and I find marble elegant, timeless, classic...but not stuffy.

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I don't know - but I hope it's not too bad because we are doing this too, I think.

I also have a young family (10 mo old and dog) but neither of them will be using my bathroom, I hope!

My DH sometimes has "poor aim" in the middle of the night and so I want to avoid marble on the floors. Those type of etches would gross me out and bother me more than one where I dripped soap on the counter, you know? So I think I'm going to do a wood-look tile instead of marble on the floor.

I'm also doing all the marble in a honed finish so hopefully the etches won't show as much and will obviously apply a sealer. But I don't generally have colored substances in my bathroom so hoping that won't be too much of an issue either.

Anyway, I think your plan sounds really pretty! Good luck and I hope someone who has lived with marble in their bathroom (and who isn't a super neat freak) chimes in too.

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We have been living with our carrara master bath for about 5 months. We are definitely comfortable and lived-in kinds of people, with a small child and dogs. We did a polished carrara basketweave floor and as an accent on the shower walls, and honed slab carrara for the vanity top and tub deck. Shower walls and backsplash are 4x8 white subways and shower floor is a matte 1x2 white mini-subways laid in a running bond pattern with a border of matte black 3/4x3/4 square tiles. All tile was grouted with a light gray grout. My builder (who builds a lot of houses on the river) practically refused to use the marble I originally wanted for the shower floor due to rust concerns. I did my own research and had some concerns of my own, so I was open to other options.

I am completely in love with my bathroom and wouldn't change a single thing. My husband and I chose the marble with the understanding that we would LIVE with it and allow it to patina however it may. There is some etching on the vanity top. The honed finish hides it a little. It doesn't bother me. There is some etching on the basketweave. They busy pattern hides it (including the aim issues around the toilet). It doesn't bother me. As others have said, if you will be bothered by etching, don't choose marble.

The basketweave tile was a big splurge - the tile store prices were much higher than I found online, but I was scared to order it on my own. If you can, choose what you love. It makes me so very, very happy every time I walk into our bathroom. It feels right. I would do it again in a heartbeat, etches and all. Hope this helps!

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Nightmare material in a bath. I've had it marble in two different bathrooms.

Here's what you will experience:

- You must be constantly vigilant about every single personal care product that anyone brings into the bathroom, family and guests alike. Go open your medicine cabinet right now and see how many different chemicals are in there. You cannot predict the pH of a conditioner or hairspray or medicinal ointment just by looking at it. One toothpaste was a very bad offender. Every acidic product will leave a permanent etch, which will look like a spot of bodily excretion forever emblazoned on your floor or countertop. Gross.

- You can never have a cleaning lady do your bathroom. Ever.

- Expect chips, sometimes very large ones, on countertops. I once very, very gingerly placed the toilet tank cover on top of a carrara marble top for just a moment. I was extremely slow and careful. Didn't matter. Out came a gouge the size of my pinky.

- Get familiar with poultices. Pee on the floor stains, of course, but so do a lot of other products. You will be looking up recipes online, applying globs and blobs of weird homemade concoctions, covering them with plastic wrap (or not, as the recipe dictates) and leaving them on your floor for 24 hour periods or longer--and then trying to get them off. And yes, the marble was sealed.

- Many of the products you need to use for your mirrors or fixtures or tile will be the very things you can't use with marble floors around. So something has to suffer.

That was my experience. Enjoy.

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We have a white carrera marble vanity top that came standard with a double vanity from Restoration Hardware. It's been in place for about a year, and we have had no problems at all.

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Tell us what you really think, marcolo ;-)

I played with my marble sample today. I put a blob of contact lens solution, hair gel, shampoo, conditioner, and body wash on it. They all etched. But, you can only see it pretty imperceptibly in the exact right light. Otherwise it just blends into the pattern of the marble. The sample wasn't sealed, but there were no stains - but all my products happen to be clear anyway.

Probably would have been a lot more noticeable if the sample was polished instead of honed.

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ack, this is tough. I've been reading stuff online for a week now and some people do cartwheels over marble and others fall into Marcolo's category. We're looking at $3K in upgrades for the materials alone, forget the labor. I really love the look, but don't want to regret anything (both doing marble and/or not doing marble). Shishkabobs. And here I thought this would be an easy question to get answered ;)

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what about some of the fakes? Believe me, I am snooty about some things but I have to tell you when I was in a tile store the other day they had a cultured Carrera marble top on display and I was amazed. I was used to our old CM that looked like crap. I have real Carrera in my upstairs bath but had I known about the CM in the Carrera pattern I might have been getting that instead. I do have to say, it's the most beautiful thing I have in my house. I am scared it is not always going to look as beautiful as it does now. It's our guest jack and jill bath and like one person said you can't stand over them to wipe up!! I'm using some other kind of material that looks like Carrera on the floor, had the tile man here today.

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But, you can only see it pretty imperceptibly in the exact right light.

Thank God bathroom vanities never have bright lighting shining on them.

Oh, wait.

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I have polished marble floors in both of our bathrooms, a honed marble vanity in the smaller one (console sink w/polished nickel legs), and last year put in honed marble counters and backsplash in the kitchen.

Bathrooms are 4 years old now, kitchen is 1 year old, and we wouldn't change a thing.

Yup, we have etched the kitchen counter, and even nicked the edge by the sink. Polished marble floors have been etched in one or two spots.

2 of us and a 10 year old daughter. Toothpaste etc. Colgate, Aquafresh, mouthwash - we don't worry much about what products we buy. Yes you have to use the right cleaner, but it's not like you have to think about it once you've selected your cleaning product - you buy it and keep buying it.

If you love marble, and enjoy the 'lived in' look and appreciate patina - i.e. are not anal retentive about every mark, scratch, ding etc. in your home then go for marble and don't even bother looking at 'faux' products.

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Oh - one other thing - unless there's some miracle grout (do NOT use epoxy grouts with marble) white grout in a shower will be white for 10 minutes.

Both showers I put in our baths are man-made material. Last one we did (basement bath) I used a cultered marble product but in solid white - not some sort of cake batter fake marble mix. It's solid, strong, heavy, and no grout to discolor, no tiles to crack, no membranes to leak.

Marble tiled showers look awesome in magazines because they've never been used, or have been Photoshopped.

A ceramic tile in the shower with epoxy grout is probably the best bet for a long-term white shower.

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The only marble in our master bath is the shower bench seat, and it's the only thing I regret in that room. I let the contractor talk me into it. We have tried to be careful, but it's a shower, so drips of shampoo, conditioner... Etches galore. Thankfully it's only the shower seat.

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I can sort of give you a "best case, worst case" scenario.

In a NYC apartment I did the master bath in all marble. It was very, very pretty. We used the place on and off for about 6 years. We're not slobs, but we're not neat freaks either.

We'd let friends use the place, no issues.

We later converted it to an executive rental. This company would put big wigs up there for days or weeks in their visits to NYC.

Within four months they destroyed the bath. Wine stains, urine stains, etching on some surfaces from vomit and who knows what else. Extreme abuse by uncaring fools.

I pulled the horizontal surfaces (countertops, flooring, tub deck, etc) out and replaced them with a different material.

I do like marble. I'm very much a "lived in home" type of person. Marble can be warm, it can be cold, it can be showroom pristine, it can be homey and lived in.

Marble on vertical surfaces, no worries.

Marble on horizontal surfaces, just be aware. In a master bath I'd have no worries. With little kids using it, or teens, just know that the material is not bulletproof. Know that the first mark on the material might look horrible to you, a huge flaw. Know that several marks later, your material now has patina and character. It now looks beautiful and homey. Or will that "character" drive you nuts? lol

After all that, I'm not at all anti-marble. I'd urge anyone to use caution in a shower or wet area due to possible iron deposits that could oxidize or rust over time. Inexpensive stones might be inexpensive for a reason. On a shower floor I'd use a topical membrane under the marble to minimize deep wetting.

Even in "dry" installations, marble can oxidize over time and develop a slight off-color hue, but literally that could be decades. Your eyesight will be bad by then, so you'll probably never notice. lol

It's a natural material. Enjoy its beauty, embrace its characteristics as it ages.

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My husband spilled coffee on his marble vanity countertop and didn't tell me about it right away. Took us forever to get the stain out. I have done two bathrooms with mock travertine porcelain tile and mosaic tiles. They are gorgeous and I love them. You are so fortunate to have a family of 3 children. Spend your time loving them, playing with them, not fussing over an old marble bathroom. Personally, I really, really, really don't think you're going to have time for the marble with your young and growing family. Plus, you do you really want to set up a disaster zone for your children. Why go there? Really?

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Thank you all for the feedback!

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It seems like the etches show up with very directional light with a POV that's about equal to the light. For example, when placing the marble sample horizontally on my current vanity, I have to sort of get on top of it to see the etches (birds' eye view). I have a typical above-the-mirror 3-light uplight in that bath. But I cannot see it across the room, even when I know where they are. Same thing on my current kitchen island with recessed cans and pendants - have to be really on top of the sample before the etches show up as a different texture.

Again, I'm using a honed sample and I can appreciate polished might be a totally different beast.

I'm also probably not the best observer - I know that there is a very old marble-topped dresser at our beach house that serves as silverware/paperplate/napkin storage and holds the coffee machine, toaster oven, and breadbox. I can't even imagine what variety of things have been spilled on that top over the past 70 years, but no one has been careful cause it's marble (didn't even occur to me until recently that it was!). And I haven't ever been bothered by stains or etches or scratches.

Maybe if I had the type of lifestyle where I regularly drank red wine in my bathroom I'd reconsider...but unfortunately I don't.

nikiniki - I'd encourage you to get a sample...they can be had for about $7 from a few websites and try out your products and see if you can live with it. I was pleasantly surprised.

Mongo - your input is most appreciated! I'll try to do my vomiting in the toilet instead of on the counters ;-)

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It is good to hear all these different perspectives. For me, it reaffirms my decision to go ahead with marble. DH has never once peed on the bathroom floor, and actually, I don't think he's ever thrown up in all the years we've been married! lol! Our is a master bath, and no kids or guests will be allowed. I may keep it locked and carry the key around with me, depending on how anal I get. ;-)

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I started our new remodel five months ago. I thought that it would be complete by now but there have been a few issues along the way. But at the end I know I am going to have a wonderful master suite area. I did Statuary Marble, it is covered now by boxes because my cabinets and slabs are going in next weeks. But when I saw it on the floor I forgot all the warnings from everyone about marble. It is so beautiful, I try to think about all the places in the world that it has withstood all the traffic and test of time. I have forwarded many of these post to my husband, I want him to know that I am not being my anal self too, so Astacia I understand the key...I have threatened a urinal in the garage :)

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Toronto Tim or Anyone, how come you say to NOT use epoxy with marble? Thanks

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I agree with cottonpenny's suggestion. Trying out chemicals on samples was a great idea and that's what I will be doing with mine. I must confess though, I'm already in love with my samples.



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Have you looked at Ceasarstone's Carrera quartz? To my eye it looks pretty good and you would have to work pretty hard to damage it.

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Misty Carrera is pretty, but IMHO it doesn't look very much like marble. Cambria Torquay or Silestone Lagoon come closer, but any of the three would be far more expensive than real marble is around here. Maybe double the cost.

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kelly1979 I love your samples! We are doing a tile rug with a basketweave that looks very much like your sample.

And I agree, check out the alternatives, like quartz for sure. But they did nothing for me and I didn't find them all that similar to my marble samples.

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Thanks! Tile rug was what I had in mind! Lol! I chose bardiglio dots over black dots to soften things up. And I must say again cottonpenny was right, the cost of 2 samples were dirt cheap! The pictures don't do justic, both samples have these thin gray streaks which I love very much but not visable in the pictures.

PS. btw sorry about the pictures not showing up, just realised. I guess after all these years I'm still technologically challended! I had read at another thread, uploading to photobucket would be enough.. though it seems it didn't. I'll try again.

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and here..

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I LOVE LOVE the look of marble. I want marble in my masterbath but I know I to casual/lived in for marble. We put a vanity in our guest bath that has some sort of marble top that came with it and it is etched horribly. I didn't know everything that touched it would etch it. I live with it because I have no choice right now but I've considered etching the rest of it on purpose so I don't have shiny and dull spots. I'd like to replace it with something more resistant to everything.

Please post pictures when you are finished especially if you do marble. Since I'm not capable of maintaining it, I'd at least like to drool over someone else's pictures!!

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Kelly, gorgeous samples! I just installed marble basketweave in my daughter's bathroom this weekend that is very similar to yours. We are grouting tomorrow. I'll post some photos when we're done.

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After all of the feedback, we decided to stick with our marble plans. I'll post pics once the floors/counters go in!

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Today the owner of a very reputable tile fabrication business told me that the key to the marble is once a year have it cleaned by professionals. Right now I just want this project over so I can enjoy, when it is finished I will post some pictures. It is not grouted yet. and yes those samples are great. I like caesarstone, I am going to put Pebble in my dressing area of my closet, but the Carrera doesn't get close to the real deal.

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Just discovered that the stone warehouse our contractor wants us to use (and by "want" I mean pretty much insists!) only has polished marble slabs. They're beautiful but I was wanting honed so that the etching would be less visible. Depending on how much the fabricator will charge us to hone now(as our budget has been reached!) we may just put in polished for the countertops, live with it for a year, and then try to have it honed on site. Thoughts??

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I agree with Astacia those samples are great. Kelly Do you mind telling me where you got them from. I have a small bathroom I am looking to redo.

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iltrot, you've got yourself a deal! lol
pigdog, hope everything went as planned. Curious how yours turned out.
nikinikinine, great decision.
Astacia, is it possible to convert polished marble to honed? I didn't know that.
Jenny0316, I ordered them online from and found them at houzz site (I highly recommend checking, great design ideas) We received samples from 2 other stores too, but one of those samples arrived chipped at corners which made me think about the troubles we could get if we were to place an actual order..

Here is a link that might be useful: marble samples

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Posted by kelly1979 (My Page) on Tue, Jun 26, 12 at 18:41
Astacia, is it possible to convert polished marble to honed? I didn't know that.

All honed stone starts off polished. We talked to our stone vendor about rehoning in a few years (assuming the patina started to bother me...) and they had no issue doing so. I am guessing the process for honing on site for the first time would be somewhat the same...

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My DH has unexpectedly expressed a sudden, strong preference for polished countertops (or is it a sudden, strong urge not to spend one more cent on this bathroom remodel??lol) so we will definitely be putting the polished countertops (and tub deck) in. I googled and found several marble restoraton places in this area that will come on site and clean, re-polish or hone, so I feel comfortable knowing we can alwaYS *fallback* on that option.

Our contractor is coming on Monday to start!

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Sarah Brennan

Would love to see pics! We're doing a marble and slate master bathroom right now - marble countertops/tub deck with a black slate floor and a mix of both in the shower. I love looking at everyone else's pics for inspiration!

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Thank you Kelly !

I received my samples and I love them . I will being redoing my bathroom in marble after all !!

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Very pretty, Jenny0316!

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I did a mix of marble (shower accent tile, bench and floor/bathroom floor/vanity top) and subway tiles (shower walls) and I love it. My bathroom is FINALLY finished and it looks lovely. I will upload photos soon - need to put them on photobucket which I just haven't had time to do yet. I used polished white carrara on vanity top, shower bench and thresholds, polished 16 x 16 white venatino on bathroom floor, and polished ming green/thassos basketweave on shower floor and in a flower pattern for accent strip in shower. I struggled over final decisions for months (as evidenced by my many GW posts) and am thrilled with the result. Now I just need some advice on what cleaner to use for my marble. Advice??

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Carrara is one of my favorite types of marbles. I have a recommendation for you though, check out the carrara marble sinks if you want a matching fixture, like the one attached in the photo

Here is a link that might be useful: Infinity Carrrara Marble Sink

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Marble is super pretty. But be sure you take care of it. We are about to gut this bathroom in the near future. It has 17yr old marble on the floor and the walk-in shower. This is probably where it looks the best:

I doubt it was ever abused, but it has been neglected and it is none too pretty now. Cleaners help a little bit, but I will never choose marble in a bathroom application. What's pictured looks nice compared to the weird rust spots that have developed in the shower. Those porcelain tiles can't get installed fast enough!! Good luck!

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When we toured our builder's home, he had marble in all the bathrooms. He has an 18 month-old & a 4 year-old. He is really disappointed with the marble in all the bathrooms. He would not get them again in a do-over. They have been in the house for 18 months. He said anytime he or his wife are using the counters, they just cover them up with a towel & then whatever bathroom items they are using on top of that because of stains they incurred in the beginning. I cannot imagine covering my beautiful counters each time I want to make-up on, etc.

Instead of marble, we are going with calacutta macaubus quartzite. It's tough as nails & just as gorgeous!

Here is a link that might be useful: Calacutta Macaubus Quartzite

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We have now completed 3 bathroom remodels. First one was done four years ago in travertine. Second was done 5 months ago in bianco venatino marble - shower, floors, walls up to mid point. This is the master. Third bathroom is almost finished and is in French vanilla polished marble - shower, tub drop in box, floors, walls to mid point. All are beautiful. All vanity tops are glass or ceramic. I specifically avoided marble countertops. I watch my cleaners carefully and shop equally carefully for toiletries. So far, no problems, but it's only my DH and I as children are post college and visit hope several times a year.

I love the look and am a natural stone lover so will invest myself into their maintenance. The rest, time will tell. We decided that at this stage in our lives, with our children grown and moving on with their lives, we will indulge.

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Good for you ev2012 , I went through the same route with Calcutta marble . I was scared of maintenance, so I started looking for the fake stuff. However , t found out that nothing beats the look of te real stuff. So, I did my floors , tub deck, vanity in Calcutta marble . The shower is a beautiful white ceramic with glass tile accent . The bathroom is not done yet . Have been waiting for my countertops to come from Italy , only to find out that what I saw in the store was not sold as marked , only put on hold , finally they gave it to me . Hopefully , we will be done in a couple of weeks . I started shopping around for marble cleaners for floors and countertops . I have been using the SCI brand for my kitchen granite countertops , and found out that they have a whole line of products for floors and showers as well . It's sold at Home Depot online .
ev2012 can you post pictures of your bathrooms ?

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If I had read this thread before doing the master bath I probably would have been dissuaded from using marble. But I didn't, and I did. And I do love it. As others have stated, the biggest challenge is the grout. I am very careful and the only user of this bathroom, with the exception of rare guests. The bathroom is so pretty -- I am glad I have the marble even though it does take extra care and caution. Nothing else would have felt as right in this 1927 house.

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If I had read this thread before doing the master bath I probably would have been dissuaded from using marble. But I didn't, and I did. And I do love it. As others have stated, the biggest challenge is the grout. I am very careful and the only user of this bathroom, with the exception of rare guests. The bathroom is so pretty -- I am glad I have the marble even though it does take extra care and caution. Nothing else would have felt as right in this 1927 house.

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This topic couldn't be more timely! I am in the process of selling my NYC condo and buying a Loudoun County new construction home. To start with, the condo had marble baths - vanities, floors, shower tiles, wall tiles - the whole thing. I hated it! Looking back, I now know why I hated it. I hated it because I always knew that condo was not my forever home. I was always trying to keep it looking fresh and clean and pristine for "when we sell". That meant that I was always wiping up water from the vanities. If we had guests, I would take every opportunity to go into the second bathroom to wipe up whatever water was sitting on the vanity. This was a constant issue and stress for me and my poor husband who was an innocent bystander to my obsession. One day my cat peed on the bath mat on the floor and the etching in front of the tub freaked me out and I couldn't look at it without worrying about a potential buyer's complaints. One night I put my contact case on the vanity without drying it off and to this day there is an outline of a contact case on that vanity. All this being said, the first person who looked at my condo made me a full price offer with no mention of the barthroom marble! Now that we are building our dream home, I have decided to put in 150 feet of Carrara marble kitchen counters and am plotting for that day In the future when I can afford to redo the builder 4x4 ceramic tiles in the master bathroom our budget requires we get now with Carrara marble tiles and vanities. Long story short, now that I know that this is "my" house and whatever I do with it only has to please me and not some future buyer, I am doing exactly what I want. The thing is that I am a relaxed person who enjoys things that feel warm and homey and used but have an underlying elegance. Marble is perfect for me! I can't wait to have it and enjoy it and appreciate it's characteristics rather than fighting them.

Marble boils down to this, if you are going to fight every mark and indication of use - DON'T GET IT it is not for you. Stick with granite or something else that will look brand new in 20 years. If you appreciate a patina and signs of use, then get it and love it.

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Most Stone issues can usually be corrected such as etching, scratching, cracks, chips and stains.
Contact lens cleaners, facial, creams, perfumes etc can all be acidic and etch acid sensitive stones like marble.
The higher the luster the more it will show the etching.
If you want your marble polished than the it will require maintenance if you want to keep it looking new.
I mean we clean our carpets, window treatments, rugs, upholstery professionally. We service our cars ,lawns, pools,and refinish our wood floors. Heck even the dogs get serviced(grooming).
The marble floors,countertops and vanities can all be refinished. Using progressive grits of diamond abrasives and polishing compounds these surfaces can all be restored to factory finish or in most cases better.
Also if you have a polished surface and you have tired of the upkeep you can change the finish to a uniform silken matte finish(honed). A professional refinishing company will make no dust, no mess and leave your home clean as a whistle. In most cases he or she will will address grout issues, caulking issues and even have good info on daily maintenance.
In any case you needn't live with worn marble.

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Yes, I think the key is to enjoy it and if you come to sell it , refinish it . In my book , after a lot of searchs, nothing can beat the look and feel of the real marble .

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Yes, I think the key is to enjoy it and if you come to sell it , refinish it . In my book , after a lot of searchs, nothing can beat the look and feel of the real marble .

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Couldn't pay me enough to put marble in a bathroom.

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Sealer. Can someone simply name a sealer they used and liked?

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what are you sealing?
I wish it were that simple-Most sealers are fine and will do what they are formulated for.
The question should probably be who should seal my stone.

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