Differenft Ideas for Holidays

prachi123October 19, 2013

I love holidays a lot. but unfortunately i don't get time to spend a day with full of joy. But this time i have a mini vacation on this Christmas and i do not want to miss any chance to celebrate this occasion. So please suggest me some Unique ideas to celebrate this special Holidays...!!

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Prachi, Welcome! Since you will have a mini vacation this year I think you should spend time with family and friends doing anything you enjoy. If not plan a vacation to some where you've wanted to go but never had the time.

Please come back and let us know what you will be doing this year for Christmas.


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ya.. you are right punk. I must spend a great time with my family and friends. now i am thinking of giving some gifts to my family members and friends so now can you suggest me what kind of Christmas gifts i should buy and from where? and thank you for your reply.

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Do you do your shopping in India? or the US? Many places to shop or make handmade gifts. Jeanne S.

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Hi Jeanne S,
I forget to specify about place but I generally use to shop from online shopping sites.

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I like to buy personal gifts that are things each person enjoys. If girls like pampering themselves I buy from Bath and Body. They have lotion, cologne and nice smelly stuff. While others like the outdoors so I buy them nice scarves and gloves. Another thing I buy for the girls is neat thin wool socks. They have such a variety and it gets really cold here. Can't enjoy the outdoors with cold feet!haha

Most people are pretty easy to please so anything for the home or a personal gift is usually pleasing. In our family some don't care to receive gifts that are work related while others like those type of gifts. Good Luck and I hope you have a nice holiday.


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Thank you so much punk. You are right everybody has different choice. so i have to purchase gifts as per their choice. i"ll try to get some personal gifts from online shopping site.

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Spend the days with those you love and care about. I wouldn't worry too much about gifts because friends and family will be happy just to be with you. Maybe help with the big dinner if necessary. Otherwise, just laze around as much as possible and enjoy your wonderful free time. Happy Holiday. Pink

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