Happy Halloween everyone!

prosperity66October 31, 2010

Hi ladies :)

I know I haven't been present in the forum this year - was overbusy with my websites hacked by pirates, then quite overbusy looking for a new job and formalities to sort out for jobless office authorities and, when I thought things would have been smoother, my son lost his father. We thus had a bunch of formalities to fill for his inheritance and, while my ex MIL took care of the burial, we also had to empty and clean up his apartment, resign the apartment, then get an expert for the post-rent fees (improvements, closing of energy, etc.)

Believe me... the apartment clean up took us almost one entire month! Never in my life I saw such a... hm... er... well... garbage container?

Currently, I'm fighting against the home insurance company as they want my ex-husband's new address... Seems that they don't want to understand that his new and last address is the cemetery (I think they'd like to ensure the tomb ?!?)

Oh well.

Anyway, I wish all of you, fantastic and creative ladies who deserve a TV series that would list their wonderful creations, a very Happy Halloween!


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Oh! It's so good to hear from you again. Sorry to hear about your latest responsibilities. But at least the worst part appears to be behind you as we approach the holiday season.
Love the Halloween card. And . . . don't be a stranger.

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I thought you had forgotten about us, Properity! Sorry you've had such a trying year, hopefully all the bad stuff is behind you now. So sorry about your job, here's hoping you will find an even better one. Please give your son our condolences for the loss of his father. And hackers too! I just don't understand why some people feel the need to be so destructive! Hope you have them blocked somehow now so you won't have any more problems. When you need a little R&R, come on by here--these gals are so creative and fun! Luvs

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Wow, you have had alot going on in your life. Hope things improve soon so you can get on with your life. I had a similar case with a customer who passed. The company just couldn't understand he wouldn't care if he ended up with bad credit for not fullfilling his contract!

Take care and hope to see you here more often. Some times we need a break from reality and this is such a supportive bunch here.

Enjoyed your Card. Thanks, hope you enjoy your Halloween today.


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@Luvs How could I forget about you? You taught me so many things which I still apply to my home!!! Without you and all the ladies here, I wouldn't have improved my living room, nor would I have decorated for other holidays than Christmas!

Moreover, without you all, I wouldn't have been able to build an online resource dedicated to holidays - I learned a lot in this forum and, while I visited a lot of online resources, none of them could compete against GardenWeb forum!

There is an online group which self-proclaimed "the smartest women on the Internet"... Hm... No! The smartest women on the Internet are all here!

Ah, Luvs, like you, I don't understand the interest to ruin other's hard work! I had to ask for a nuke on my server and start from scratch. I reduced the number of sites I have so that I can keep all of them update with content AND security stuff. So, I'm left with three sites only but at least, for the moment, they're safe ;)

Thank you ladies for your kind words! From what I can see here, you're all as productive as usual. That's why I love to come here, I can see in some kind of "reality" (your personal pictures) the great things you do, you always come up with new things which never cease to amaze me.

I hope being able to keep the rhythm and come here more often than this year.

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Prosp, its wonderful to hear from you. Tho so much bad and sad you've gone thru. I hope your dear son is handling the loss of his father ok. Give him a hug from me, please.

All your hard work on your web sites and then someone is horrible enough to steal them. That makes me really mad they'd do that to you. Tho I guess at least it shows they have good taste!!

I had to laugh about the insurance company, just too ridiculous. But it can be the same here in the US. It always amazes me people can be that dumb. I hope you can find a job soon. And I sincerely hope next year is full of good things for both you and your son.

I've missed you and hope you can drop in more, meanwhile will keep you in my thoughts and prayers. The Halloween card you sent us is wonderful.
hugs, Karen

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Oh, Karen, I couldn't forget about you! Each holiday reminds me from you with those splendid decorations you sent to me! I also often think of you and wonder what about with your health issues...

Hug given to my son ;)

Well, my son handles this very well - he did see his father only once those last ten years - the guy didn't even gave a phone call nor send a card. Anyway, he was his father and they've been in contact for eight years before breaking up.

Luckily pirates didn't steal my content, they just uploaded viruses in my sites; which in return sent viruses to my visitors. What a shame! I hate such bad behaviours! I've never understood the interets of viruses, though. They should instead put their intelligence into productive motion.

Yep, the story about the insurance company made me laugh too, and I'm happy this happened to me and not to my ex-mother-in-law ; who's so sad. Hope they'll cancel the contract because I definitely don't want to keep paying a useless insurance, lol.

I'll try to drop more often, although I've got few time left in a day, but I feel so fine in this forum. It's refreshing and relaxing all at once.

BTW, love this cat! It's cute!


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It's so good to hear from you again.
I'm sorry for all the hardships you've experienced.
My condolences to your son, for the loss of his father.

Hopefully all will improve for you, and you'll be able to move forward towards better things.
I hope too, you'll be joining us more often.

Great Halloween Card, Thanks.


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Welcome back, Dom! I'm sorry to hear about this past year's travails, and hope things are on the upswing at last. Please come back often!

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Greetings to you...I am so glad to see you visit us again!! I'm sorry that things have been bad for you, but hopefully everything will be better now. We had an insurance company who nearly drove us crazy after my Mom passed away....arghhhhhhhh
Hugs to all of you and many blessings for the upcoming days!!

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@Jaybird, insurance companies seem to just want to make money out of us - no matter they hurt us or not. This is so sad :(

Slinkey, Lynn and Jaybird, thank you so much for your kind words! They make me feel like if I was back home!

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