instant hot water recommendations

elyashMay 1, 2012

What brand instant hot water do you have and recommend? Do any have true boiling water? I have had insinkerator brand and I keep buying it despite the fact that every 5 years it breaks and I have to replace it. Has anyone bought mountain plumbing - they have a beautiful contemporary faucet for their instant hot, but the only review I found was very negative.

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Used to spend the big bucks on the Franke Little Butler, but it leaked when we unplugged it during vacations and also burned out every few years. So we picked up some unknown brand at Costco (Quick & Hot from the Anaheim Manufacturing Company) about three years ago and it's been great. Figured we'd just use Costco's generous return policy if there were a problem. I don't use it, but my wife has never complained that it's not hot enough. (As I recall, we left in place the Franke faucet and just switched out the tank.) I've read here or in a posting on another site not long ago that Franke has fixed the leaking issue, but I don't know for certain.

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Adding to this, has anyone tried an instant cold? They look awesome, but I wonder how well they work.

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I have the Costco one that gleapman referred to, but I replaced the faucet. So far so good, but it's only been a little over six months. It's actually not an unknown brand. If I'm not mistaken, the Quick & Hots are often rebadged by other companies, including Franke and Mountain. Anaheim also makes the Waste King disposals, so they are direct competitors to Insinkerator.

Here is a link that might be useful: Anaheim Manufacturing

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Do you remember if you picked up the Costco one in the store or ordered from their website?

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I ordered mine online.

Here is a link that might be useful: Quick and Hot at Costco

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Does anyone know if the mountain plumbing faucets for instant hot can be used with the quick and hot water tanks
from Costco?

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Sorry, I can't tell you about the Mountain faucets. I used a Tomlinson hot/cold faucet. Tomlinson makes heavy duty commercial quality faucets so you might want to check them out too.

Here is a link that might be useful: Tomlinson Faucets

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Our Insinkerator came with a 3 yr warranty and we replaced it after 1.5 years because our water was so hard it corroded the unit. Insinkerator replaced it for free. Their authorized repair guy said that they replace them all the time within the warranty period in hard water areas - that they honor their warranty and it was hassle free. He also suggested that we remember to change the filters.

Our old one laster 8 years. I like buying American wherever I can, especially in this economy.

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RE: Insinkerator hot water dispensers
I have had problems with this brand too, however, Insinkerator has been VERY responsive. They have replaced 2 units at no cost to me. You might try giving them a call.

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This is an older thread but I found it while trying to research instant hot with cold water. Seems the reviews on the insinkerator are VERY mixed. The reviews on the Quick and Hot are prettty good but I also want a cold water dispenser integrated. Does Quick and hot do this? I have not been able to find one that does cold water as well.

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Depending on what you need instant hot water for, myself is just to make hot chocolate and stuff like that.

I simply use our Keurig coffee maker, gives up to 12oz of 192 degree water in a couple seconds.

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Nunyabiz: Never thought of that- it is a great idea. We do not have a Keurig though. My husband would like one but I don't really like how big they are and I am a tea drinker so coffee is not my thing.

The idea for the instant hot started when my friend told me about it and then I mentioned it to my husband. He said "if we had one would that mean no more tea kettle on the stove?" I said yes. He is the cook in the family and hates the kettle on the stove.
Then we decided to forgo the water dispenser on the refrig door for asthetic reasons and I figured I could get one at the sink which filtered water. Now I am searching for the best one to give me hot water, and cold filtered water as well. If I cannot find a GOOD one that does both I will resort to only cold filtered water at the sink. I do not want to buy plastic water bottles and that water is not regulated anyway so the quality isn't much better than tap. I don't really want to go back to a brita or Pure filter in a gallon container since it is a pain and everyone always forgets or does not want to change the filter.

Any recommendations for either the Hot and cold filtered water or just a cold filtered water? I do not mean a whole house system or RO system. Just an under the sink for drinking water with a dispenser at the kitchen sink.

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Well the Keurig makes tea just as well.
I hear you can put loose tea leaves in the reusable K-cups and brew any tea you like, haven't tried that yet.
They do have several types of Tea K-cups though.
Good for coffee and hot chocolate, making instant oatmeal, cup O noodles.

As for under the sink systems I have no experience with them at all.
I couldn't do without our Keurig at this point, pretty addicted to it.

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> hot water, and cold filtered water as well

Do you mean chilled water, or simply normal cold water?

EverPure Helia does both chilled and hot water, but it's wickedly expensive (~$1.4K, plus another $500 or so for the special matching faucet that EverPure says is mandatory).

If regular cold water is all you need, a filter followed by a "Y" to an instant hot unit and the cold side of a dual-temperature faucet gets the job done at a reasonable price.

You can keep a jug of filtered water in the fridge for a lot less money than a chiller...

Here is a link that might be useful: EverPure Helia

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We've had an Anaheim Quick-n-hot (with the ugly bone-colored plastic faucet) for over six years (was there when we moved in) and never had a problem with it. Super hot, great for tea and instant oatmeal. My husband will use with a french press for his coffee, too.

At some point, someone managed to crack the handle, probably because it turns the opposite way you'd expect it to. It does show the way you're supposed to turn it on the ugly top, but apparently someone couldn't read (I think it was my husband...). I'm calling it a mixed blessing since the crack doesn't affect the function and didn't ever leak, but DH would have approved the nicer faucet if it had...

Here's a link to one of the places (aside from standards like amazon and overstock) I was looking at replacement faucets at, including the Tomlinson, which seem to be pretty good. We've ordered stuff from them before and they've always been really nice.

So, yes, we would recommend the Anaheim Quick-and-hot, but get something other than the basic plasic faucet for something that actually looks nice!

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I have looked at the quick and hot but was turned off by the yucky looking faucets. Could you show me what you got for a replacement? Can you use other brands as a replacement? I know with some of the other you must use their brand or it won't work.

Thanks for the information!

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This thread is a bit old so hopefully some of you will help me out. How have the instant hot water dispensers from Costco held up? Or any of the brands you guys have? And I have another question. What are some uses for the cold dispenser? I'm not really looking for that but if a product has good reviews with both hot and cold I would like to utilize both features. Thanks in advance!

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Most built-in hot water dispensers are made by Anaheim and that includes Hot & Quick, Waste King and the tank part of Franke Little Butler so the actual quality shouldnâÂÂt differ much. It is a model that has been around for years and looks like a wallet-friendly choice. Since they are all basically the same things you should check the prices to see which one is better.
As for InSinkErator, it used to run into too many issues with leaking tanks but has made some improvements since then. It is unique in the sense that it has non-Anaheim tank so is kind of like an alternative if you donâÂÂt like if you donâÂÂt like any of the above.

Here is a link that might be useful: best instant hot water dispenser

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