"Inspiration" photo of Pinecone 'n Pumpkin Garland

PurplemoonOctober 24, 2012

Another blogger's wonderful photos of a garland she made.

So pretty I think!

Enjoy, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Pine cones n pumpkin garland

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Wow..she did a beautiful job creating that garland.
I love how she did it with the pinecones and pumpkins.
It does hide that awful fireplace, and
I can see why - To me, it looks like a large radiator with a white cover over it!
I agree with her on 'what was the builder thinking'.
When you envision a lake house, you picture 'warm and cozy' !
Also strange, is the placement under a window.
To think, she has another in her bedroom too!
I give her 'two thumbs up' for such a beautiful transformation.
This was interesting Karen...

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This was some pretty decorating. I'll have to go back when I have extra time and see what else she has to share.


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All the windows with the lake view sounds wonderful, but it is a bit strange that the builder would put the fireplace under a window. Love how she did the garland and the big floral arrangement. Luvs

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I think she said there were NINE windows in that room, so maybe the builder had no choice with the fireplace. Sounds like her lakehouse is many views and few walls. That would be beautiful, but at the same time I'd think hard to get a 'warm cozy feel'. I've bookmarked her blog to see what she does in the future, she looks like a talented decorator.

hugs, Karen

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