thinking about and missing Kathleen

PurplemoonOctober 28, 2010

Kathleen last told us she wasn't feeling well and had pneumonia! Has anyone heard from her? I'm worried she's still sick, and sending prayers 'n good thoughts her way.

Hope she's back with us soon.

hugs, Karen

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I haven't heard from her. I sent her an email about 2 weeks ago. It could have gone to junk mail. It's happened before. She posted another cute Halloween table on her blog yesterday. Hopefully, she's just very, very busy.

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I've been in touch with Kathleen a couple of times.
She wasn't doing well for quite a while and when I spoke to her last, (several days ago)... was going back to the Doctor for the 4th time - !
However, last night on her blog, I was happy to see she posted a new tablescape..and seems to be coming along.
So, it seems (I'm happy to say)... she's on the mend and will be back to posting regularly again.
Miss her too.


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I miss her and her beautiful tables, too. I'm glad to hear that she's now feeling well enough to do another tablescape for her blog.

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Thanks everyone...I have been worried about her, but never thought to check here! I know dummie me!
Hope things are going LOTS better for her now!

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Well I didn't think to check her blog, but since today is the Thurs Tablescape 'party', I did go see her new table.
And I'm really happy she feeling better and could do one.
Pneumonia just scares the heck out of me and I was very worried about her having it. I'm glad she didn't go in the hospital, that's good news. FOUR doctor visits is bad enough!

hugs, Karen

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I hope Kathleen is feeling better. Having pneumonia is no fun
and it takes a while to get your strength back.

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Thanks for bringing this up Karen. I had forgot about Kathleen having pneumonia. Sounds like she may be doing a little better if she was able to set another table alright.

So Kathleen, "Wishing You a Speedy Recovery!"


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You gals are so sweet.
Yes, I am doing better, but it sure does knock the wind out of you.
It took me hours to do that table. Had to keep stopping for a rest.
I have finished the meds, which keep you up all night, and now I feel like I haven't slept, but I have!
So it will be easy does it for a while, which is boring as you all know!
Next week I get the pneu shot, which only protects you from some strains, but I'll give it a shot, or should I say, they will give me a shot, :)
Thanks so much for your good wishes!
OA, I will look for that email! That yahoo acct often puts things into spam.

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Nice to hear from you, Kathleen. Maybe we can help some with the boredom. I hope so. I know its hard to take it easy when your mind says 'go' and your body says 'no'.

I got the pneumonia shot last year, and don't know why I waited so long to get one. Its good for 5 yrs, and covers 28 strains of pneumonia I was told. Actually I don't worry so much about catching pneumonia with the exception if I had to be hospitalized! THAT seems to be the worst place for getting it. And after my Mom and a neighbor both died from it IN the hospital, my fears are huge.
My doc told me to avoid hospitals...LOL, like I'd go willingly! my immune system is no good. (Fibro is an auto-immune disease, which means your body turns on you).

Anyway, I sure am glad you are 'back'! Take care of yourself, we need you here. And those Fattening Fotos.
hugs, Karen

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Thanks, Karen!
Yep, good to stay out of hospitals, nursing homes, and of course, funeral homes! :)
I truly do appreciate all the good wishes!

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Welcome back Kathleen! So glad you are feeling better.
How do I get to the blog? I'd like to see that table as your tables are always so wonderful.


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Glad you popped in to say hello and let everyone know
you're doing better.
I thought that table might have been hard to put together. I know after getting pneumonia, it takes a while to get your full strength back, but I also felt - Kathleen for sure has > 'cabin fever' and it's something she needed to do. lol
Anyway, take your own good advice - and take it easy.
Glad you're going for the Shot.


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It is

Scroll down till you get to the table.
Thanks for looking!

Here is a link that might be useful: Kathleen's blog

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