Refrigerator Recommendations?

randitaMay 27, 2013

We are beginning the process of upgrading our refrigerator. The one in the house now is a GE Profile, about 8 years old. We just bought the house last year and the kitchen appliances were part of the purchase.

We don't like the design and features of this refrigerator and the design of the ice and water dispensers is idiotic. It rarely works properly.

I've been looking at them (Sears, Lowes) and reading reviews and ratings online. Even the top rated brands have complaint after complaint about the ice dispensers.

We had a Kenmore in our previous house purchased around 2000 and the ice dispenser worked like a charm. I wonder what manufacturers have changed to the point that ice dispensers are continually glitchy. Maybe it has something to do with energy standards.

We are undecided about the choice of a side by side or bottom freezer design. I know the bottom freezer is more energy efficient, but having seen them in operation, it looks like a hurdle to locate items stacked up down there. I have a hard enough time with the side by side I have.

I'm assuming that folks frequenting this forum are in the midst of planning, building, or renovating a kitchen and have researched refrigerators.

I guess my budget would be about middle of the road for a good quality, highly rated unit.

I would appreciate any and all guidance and suggestions.


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I love my elux fridge - it is a FD counter depth fridge. It is about 3-4 years old.

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