Curved shower rod end placement

LinelleJune 14, 2014

I hope this is the last posting from me on this topic. Seriously, talk about sweating the small stuff. :)

Despite my irrational reluctance to drill holes in NEW! tile, I bought a Moen curved shower rod as I think it is the best bet. Thanks to second-guessing that choice, I also bought a Moen straight tension rod. It has actually been helpful for me to set up myself and determine what height works best. That part is done.

Now I just need advice on horizontal placement, i.e., forward/back. My inclination is to attach the ends centered over the front deck of the tub, so that when it's not being used, and pushed off to the side, it will hang relatively straight down. That placement also gives the curve room to do its thing when closed, with still enough curtain to keep water inside.

Any other suggestions?

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There is some leeway with regards to how far in/out to attach the curved rod ends. I think there is a recommended placement incl. in the packaging materials.

We had to place the rod in our MB further in than I'd have preferred, but the bathroom size, and toilet-tub spacing dictated how far out it could go (without ending up with the shower curtain draped across my lap while using the toilet!). The ends of the curtain do press against the tub edge slightly, but it isn't terrible and I enjoy the extra space in tub while showering.

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cat-mom, thanks! Because of a slightly wider new tub and *just* enough space on either side of the toilet to meet code, I had the same concern with the curtain enveloping the person using the toilet. Although, I do not plan to close the curtain when not in use, and will push it to the end opposite the toilet, so theoretically it won't be an issue.

I futzed around with my straight rod and think the best compromise is to line the ends up with the mid point of the tub deck.

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We mounted ours a tad outboard, such that when draw fully open, the curtain hangs straight down to the floor and skims the exterior wall of the tub. Looks fab. Much less claustrophobic when drawn shut. However. What I overlooked was the proximity of the bathroom window. I noticed too late that when I open my plantation shutters they strike the rod mounting. This is not a problem until I need to wash my windows. The sashes cannot tilt fully out now because the sash hits the shutter and the shutter hits the rod mount. Anyhoo, most folks probably don't have shutters -- and most would not be so stupid. Just think it through before you screw. No joke intended.

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Just think it through before you screw.

Amen, sister.

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Or get the tension mount curved rod?

Here is a link that might be useful: Smart Rod tension mounted shower rod

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Hmm. I thought I posted to this a while back.
We have a tension mount curved rod (from amazon). Like it a lot and best of all, I didn't have to screw through my tile!

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kirkhall, thanks for the tip. Honestly, what a dilemma. I just read reviews of the Moen tension mount curved rod and mostly people just complained about their hooks catching on the join. I have a straight Moen tension mount currently in place and ball-bearing rings slide over the join like nothing's there. I don't understand why people have such an issue. Do they not know there are better rings to use?

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We used Crescent Rods in both bathrooms with tubs. Got them in BB&B when they still carried them (I think you can still find them elsewhere online). They are one-piece rods. Don't recall if DH ended up having to trim them at all, but if he did, I know they either came with instructions on how to do so, or the instructions were available online.

We use ours with the roller ball curtain rings. Got those at C&B.

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True, Linelle. We have (inexpensive) ball-bearing rings too. I don't find it to be an issue. And, I really appreciate the extra room the curve affords, and the lack of stress over drilling into my "new tile!"

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I've decided to stick with the straight tension rod and not having to drill holes. I'm not convinced I need the extra width.

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At last it's done. It's curved (Moen) and it's drilled into the tile and the (Eureka!) stud right behind it.

I decided to stop being a wimp and get a better rod. I saw the tiles with holes and my world did not end.

Honestly, the things we worry about. :p

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You'll be glad you went with the curved rod.

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Babka NorCal 9b

We just returned from a trip where we stayed in several hotel rooms with showers in tubs. The curved rods are the only way to go. So much more elbow room. I'm glad you got past the part about drilling holes in your tiles.

Your last line "Honestly, the things we worry about...." is SO true

I never gave much thought to the height of my countertop or the height our toilets, back when we remodeled. I was more concerned about materials and looks. BUT, oh boy, did I miss those when we traveled. I felt like I was sitting on a kitty toilet and bending over WAY too much at the bathroom counters.


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Just saw a curved rod kit at Costco for 49.00. It includes the rod, the ball-bearing rings, a liner, and a white fabric shower curtain.

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nosoccermon, that's a good deal. The guy who put the rod up says the tile cut like butter. Then he couldn't figure out why the screw anchors wouldn't go into the wall and realized he had hit a stud, on both sides. Yay!

Before the rod was installed, while I was still all a-dither, I put the rings on it and hung a curtain so I could hold it up and gauge the correct height. I noticed yesterday that there are some scratches on the rod from putting the rings on ONCE. Ridiculous for a $40 from Moen. They really don't show unless you stand on the edge of the tub which, once the workers are gone, will be forbidden.

Why do the ring/hook things have such sharp points anyway?

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A great solution to your problem may be a product called Curvit. It provides space in your shower so you don't have that claustrophobic feeling in your shower. The other cool thing that I've found is that water doesn't drip outside of your shower. It was a pretty easy install for me. I hope this helps.

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lamardedley, that's certainly a unique setup.

I ended up going with the Moen curved rod. The tiles got drilled; I did not die. I like how it looks.

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