if you like black and white Halloween...

PurplemoonOctober 8, 2010

More of my late night browsing, I never know what I will find, or learn! But I have to share these ravens with you, I think they are just beautiful. Apparently a couple of (black) ravens both carried a genetic marker that produced a pair of white ones. They are NOT albino's by the way! Then a year later, another pair of white ones was born. All of them reside on Vancouver Island.

(there's a legend that a white raven escorts you from earth to the spirit world)

hugs, Karen

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Never realized there was such a thing as a white raven. Funny how nature does things sometimes. In a way, they seem a bit more spooky than the black ones. Interesting story PM. Luvs

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Now, what makes a white raven a white raven and not an albino raven? Is it because they have black eyes instead of pink ones?

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Yes, OA, the fact they don't have pink eyes. Tho their eyes are actually blue and not black according to the article.

hugs, Karen

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Wow, beautiful and kind of eerie at the same time.


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Very interesting!

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Purplemoon, you are the Queen of night-time browsing! Very interesting! And a bit weird-looking...like they've been dipped in "almond!" Jeanne S.

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They definitely are creepy looking, but keep up your late nite browsing & posting pics or links. Sometimes I have time to browse & other times I don't, so really appreciate that you post tables or other interesting things you find, for all of us to see.

My late nite browsing is mostly gone, since I have to get up with the gkids for school now. Bah humbug!

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Hmmm, looks like I'm the only one who doesn't find them creepy. LOL. I really think they are beautiful, and I love the spirit legend about them. Ghost Ravens is what I'm calling them.

I have to laugh at myself and the night-time browsing. I will be looking at something specific and then see another link and another....
suddenly I'm off to places unknown that are far removed from my original excursion. Its fun tho.

hugs, Karen

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I don't find them creepy either..
Very unique looking and actually beautiful..and sad too.
But that's just what I see in them.

*(there's a legend that a white raven escorts you from earth to the spirit world)
I find that so interesting Karen...Is that 'an American Indian Legend'..sounds like it.
Thanks for posting this. I'm going to show my oldest
DGson..he loves all this.


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kinda weird....like looking at the pidgeons here who have become mixed colors and seeing a solid gold colored one sitting on top of a mortuary in a shaft of sunshine in the midst of a flock of normal and mottled ones.

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Wow, Two, that sounds quite beautiful and kind of makes one pause doesn't it.
By the way, nice to see you over here, and hope you're doing well. Jan has been dropping too, along with Kirk.
Marlene lurks here a lot, but I'm hoping she'll post more.

I tried to find if that legend was an Indian one, sounded like it to me. But I found several legends regarding the Spirit Birds as they are called. (also there are Spirit Bears that live in one specific area. So I had to google them too. LOL.) I love legends with the animals, and had no idea Ravens are in a lot of old ones.
Indians were so "in touch" with Mother Nature and I find their many stories fascinating and often spiritual.

To keep this holiday related, I might try adding a White Raven in with my Halloween decor, a framed print at least.
I don't think the Dollar Tree ones would take too well to spray paint. Has anyone tried it?

hugs, Karen

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