Fall Decorated Hutch

phonegirlOctober 30, 2011

I had taken several things out of the hutch to decorate the Halloween table so changed it to fall. Dug out all my turkey platters and displayed them. Tried to add all my tureens but they wouldn't fit. I didn't even own one when I came here. You know you've been "Enabled" when you now own 5!

I really need to figure out how to photograph this hutch.

top left

top right

bottom left DS bought this big platter and a matching bowl last year. The bowl is to lg to fit or I would of used it too.

bottom right

Full view. Haven't finished painting the green on these pieces. Maybe tomorrow.LOL

Thanks for looking.


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Punk...your new Hutch looks beautiful. YOu did such a great job decorating it with all those lovely Fall pieces.
Those platters are so impressive looking and I like how you tucked in the turkeys and pumpkins among everything.
I also see those great acorns that I know Luvs will spot right away...they're really nice too.
I have the same problem with my large DR Hutch, with the doors on them that kind of hide what's inside..but I think by opening the doors up, you took some good pictures of everything.
Loved how you decorated this piece...I know you'll be doing lots more for ALL the holidays to come!! lol

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Jane, thanks for the sweet comments on the hutch. I love how you decorate yours. I plan on using my Johnson Brothers with your giving platter you sent me next. I love it and wanted to try it with the whole set but didn't want to rush into snow scenes just yet. Should be fun decorating for Christmas with all my different plates too.

I'm sure I'll get better as time goes on taking pictures with the doors closed. I tried several angles but couldn't find the right one.ha


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Punk, Your new hutch looks wonderful. Your trays, pumpkins and turkeys are perfect there.
I especially like the white tray.
You got some great shots by opening the doors.

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Great job with all the lovely pieces. You have some really beautiful fall decor and really took advantage of the new hutch to show everything!!
Your display is a great balance of color and white!
I can see how it is difficult to photograph with the doors closed, but you did a nice job showing everything with the doors open.

Maybe I should start doing that with mine. I have always kept my silver serving pieces in the cabinet along with the dishes and it limits what I can display, but if I removed the silver, I could switch the displays.

Now look what you've done!! Although I did say "maybe" LOL.


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It looks fabulous Punk!
I really like the white-color balance and reallly need to remember that white platters aren't "bad" when I'm shopping ( I tend to go for color more than anything else). Really like the one with the turkey though especially the leaf handles.
Are your giant acorns glass or resin? I found one glass one at the $store the other day but didn't pick it up as I would rather have a pair instead.
Don't go talking snow scenes just yet.... it's not that time.. lol (though I am hiding under the radar quietly working on Christmas already.. shhh).

Candy:: You know where "MAYBE" always leads to?? LOL

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Oh punk...this is drop dead GORGEOUS!
It is JUST so very pretty!

I LOVE every dish you have displayed!!! And the tureens (& I am LOL that you now 'own' enough!) Like many said above, love the 'white' & 'color' you've chosen to display!

Your cabinet is BEAUTIFUL & it looks like your 'turkeys' are caged! But I really appreciated the 'look behind the doors!'

I don't know if your camera can be taken off 'auto-focus' but I can see it is focusing on the mesh in your doors...maybe that would help to change settings (if possible). But I love all of these pics! Those little turkeys you've tucked in here & there & the faux leaves!

Ohhhh...you've done it, girl! LOVE IT ALL! Jeanne S.

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Nana, glad you liked the white turkey tray. It is the pits if it doesn't get washed well after using. Any grease will get in all the crevices and turn yellow.LOL

Candy, yes you should start decorating the hutch for us. Aren't we so good for each other here.haha

MM, I think the kids bought me the white platter. Don't know if it would of been something that I would of choose either but I like it. The acorns are metal with candles inside by Signature Home Collection. I have one lg and 2 small ones.

The thought of snow does scare one. I need to go get my winter tires on soon just in case.

Jeanne, thanks for the hint about auto focus. Not sure but will check in the book and see. Might even be able to Google it. I still need to finish painting the details and had planned to do that today but instead went and helped a friend rake and burn pine needles all afternoon.

Glad all of you enjoyed seeing this. Thanks so much for being the sweet, fun bunch you are and taking the time to comment. I'll try to remember to use color and wht from now on when decorating it.


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Marlene Kindred

Your new hutch looks grand with all of your fall decorations! LOVE the turkey plates and platters, pumpkins and acorns (I have the same ones!). Looks so pretty!

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Marlene, you have the same acorns? Glad to hear these appealed to someone else here. Thanks for all your wonderful comments.


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Punk, you just made my "hutch envy" rise to the top again!
Yours looks so wonderfulwith the Fall decor. Tho its really a beautiful piece of furniture anyway...decor is just icing on the cake.

(Candy, remove that silver! LOL)
hugs, Karen

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Karen, how sweet! You have how many cabinets in your home? I remember reading the number and couldn't believe it.LOL

Candy, are you listening? Karen wants to see more too.LOL It's so hard to move things. I've never decorated my other china cab cuz it has 20 sets of glasses and I'm afraid I'll break some. You would know with all your neat collections you display. I am considering trying it in the future tho.


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The fall colors really compliment that dark wood of your hutch, so many pretty pieces and love how you have it all displayed.

I thought I had alot of fall decor, but you topped me bigtime! The enablers got to me til I ran out of room, every wall in the basement is lined with big shelves now & they are full!!!

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Punk, I'm almost afraid to answer you...but I have 13 china cabinets in all. Most are actual curios or display cabinets, meaning no bottom cabinet-part to them. I just have one, in the living-room, that is like that.
And of course all mine are full.

But now Candy pushed me into decorating (LOL) the two curios in the bay window for Halloween, maybe I will do them more often for holidays. (It might help greatly wth my hutch envy.) Tho I have no place for all the whippet statues that were in them, so those are packed the rest of this year.

Yacht, I'm SO glad you are back posting with us!
hugs, Karen

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Thanks Yachter, I have way to much and no basement but I do have a large two story shop. Lots and lots of totes. I use the truck to bring most of them back and forth.

Karen, 13, that's hilarious! I should probably quit hanging out with you while I'm ahead.LOL I really don't have room for any more so I think I'm safe in that dept.

I wish you didn't have fibro. I love how you decorate and always feel bad for you with the pain. How's our little Teegan? Does Mr O claim her? Must be getting late!

You enablers have filled our home with more LOVE than I knew possible. I do need to go donate so I can keep shopping.haha


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Your hutch sure turned out pretty, Punk. Of course Jane was right and I immediately zoomed in on those acorns! Nice! I like how you added the foliage rings and all, they look so good nestled with your pretty turkey platters. Five tureens, huh? That's what this forum will do for you. LOL I spotted the little candy corn cutouts too and they are really cute. Miss seeing all your great painting ideas.


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luvs...here's a hint for you! If you Hobby Lobby is opening soon ...they have those 'acorns' for 50% off right now (here anyway)...cause I saw them today! Very cool! Jeanne S.

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Luvs, thanks for all the comments and for bringing me here so I could stock up on everything!LOL Do you remember the first tureen I bought? It has roses, pinecones and grapes. Now I have two orange pumpkin ones and 2 white and 1 white bottom. Does this mean I technically have 6?Yikes At least I've figured out that I can pick them up for around $2 instead of $10.LOL

I would love to get back into painting again. I go in and look but that darn paint brush doesn't jump in my hand and take off. I'm thinking maybe this winter when it's to cold to play outside.

Jeanne, sure hope Luvs has a HL close by. Mine came from Dillards. We don't have any HL around here but wish we did.


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