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nothingbutboysJune 18, 2012

I've been making decisions left and right as I attempt a 4 bathroom remodel, but this one has me stumped. This is for a small powder room. The vanity can be no bigger than 30" and I'm almost certain I want to use the vanity below.

I also think I want to use a vessel sink, but what shape? I'm thinking oval, but then is that too much or will it be a good complement? I'm also reading comments, that the splash out of the back of an oval vessel sink is an issue. So back to round or rectangle? And color or clear? I'm pretty much completely unable to decide on this, so any help or thoughts would be appreciated!

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Are you sure that vanity isn't made to go with a specific sink that matches the shape?

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Yes, I would think it would be meant to work something like this one from Lowes:

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There are a few tricks with the vessel sinks:

1) Find a vessel sink wide enough and deep enough to help prevent splash out. Shallow and skinny is not the way to go.

2) Select a faucet that has a low GPM flow rate. Additionally, don't open the water valves all the way up--keep them partially closed to reduce the overall flow/pressure/quantity of water flowing to keep splash risk low.

3) The last trick is to ensure that the vanity is on the low end when it comes to height. Most vessel sinks will be about 5-7" high, so you'll want your vanity to be in the 30" tall range. 30" high vanity + 1" of stone countertop + 5-7" of sink height = 36-38" overall height to top of sink rim. That is the equivalent in height to using an undermount sink in what is considered a standard height vanity today (36" finished height with countertop installed).

Do you have any sinks in mind that you've already looked at/thought about?

Hope this helps!

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Mydreamhome -thanks for the tips, they are really helpful. I really went looking for the vanity first. I want something more traditional, but not ornate. Defn not modern as it would be out of place in the house. I also don't have a line on a good custom woodworker. So,I need to be able to either pick it up localy or order on-line. I've scoured the internet, and this vanity seems to be the one that meets my needs in terms of looks, availability and price.

I figured finding the sink would be the "fun" part given all the gorgeous ones I've seen in my internet searching.
I think I'm still ok going with a vessel based on your recommendations, as the height is only 30 3/8". May be a smidge high, but not outside a workable height. Thanks for these tips as they are helpful to keep in mind!

Sigh, back to looking again.

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How about these?

*** Rectangle, but nice lines! ***

*** This one is pretty cool! ***

*** This one would go nicely with the vanity! (This one might just be the one!) ***

*** Or even this one would look dynamite with a light colored countertop underneath! ***

Hope this helps!

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WOW! Thanks!

I'm really liking the last one - I'm not a big fan of the white sinks. But then maybe it's me, there are some really cool ones there.

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