Part #2: Dining Room & Table

lynninnewmexicoOctober 31, 2010

Remember the huge stack of chargers I'd packed away and forgotten? Well, I decided that I didn't need 20-some silver and gold chargers anymore, so I repurposed 6 of them. I spray painted them a lovely shade of purple to use on my Halloween table this year. The black plates are from Target and the salad plates are from TJM. Luvs was so sweet when I fell for her darling jack-o-lantern blocks and made me the perfect-sized stencils to use on my bread plates. I'm a total novice when it comes to stencils, and had to work very hard to get these little plates to turn out even half-way decent, but I love them. Thanks, Luvs!!!!!!BTW, I did use both patterns/ 3 of each.

I made the spiderweb tablecloth and bought the fabric on sale for 40% off at HL. It's layered over a bright lime green plastic one (2 actually) from Party City.

I made the napkins rings using ribbon and elastic from HL and hot-glued on some antique-looking small boards that were originally a wall hanging group of 5 on a ribbon ($7.99 #TJM):

I redid my embossed silver goblets to make individual flower arrangements for each tablesetting. I couldn't find the spooky-colored greenery I wanted and ended up spray painting some black and others with a light dusting of white to give them the look I was after. I'm still not satisfied with the arrangement, and will work on them more tomorrow:

Also in our dining room is an old bookcase that holds some of my collection of antique books.I put the sweet "jill-o-lantern girl" I bought last year at HL there:

Above the bookcase hangs the painting of Santo Isidro. For Halloween, though, I covered him with another part of that door cover I bought at the DS . . . and another one of Martha's birds:

To gussie up the windows in my dining room, I added "drapes" made from black cheesecloth (3 packages @ $1 each at the DS. I topped them with three more of Martha's birds:

On the dining room table, I put this year's Halloween tree:

For dinner this evening, we had one of my typical Halloween dinners . . . one that I've had since early childhood, except without the wine ;^D : homemade beef vegetable soup, a cheese plate with apples and grapes, truffle flatbread and wine. I use these for my soups during the Halloween season:

A cute basket bowl I got several years ago, someplace:

(Sigh!) OK, that's it . . . night!


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Lynn, I don't even know where to begin or what to say!!
Your Halloween decor is just fantastic. Your solution to covering your real artwork is probably the best idea I've seen. I just love it. And my next favorite I think (so much to see!!) is the individual floral arrangements you've done in the fancy silver goblets! Those are wonderful! But so are the unique napkin rings you made, and the "drapes". I keep scrolling back up to look at everything, several times. You did Halloween proud.

hugs, Karen

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I really like the harmony between those shades of purple, black, orange and green!

And what about the plate you made yourself! I'm jealous! I'd like to be able to make one like this! This would prevent me from buying stuff for holidays and create myself some things of which I could be proud!

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WOW! WOW! And WOW once more! It's all so great. I don't know where to begin. That cauldron that holds the Halloween tree is adorable. And I like how you covered the art work. Did you cover it with black garbage bags first? Your jill-o-lantern is so cute. I really like her.

Karen is right. The individual flower arrangements are a great touch. One normally thinks they would be used for an afternoon tea or a romantic Valentine dinner. I love seeing them all spooked-up for Halloween night. Very clever indeed.

Great job, Lynn.

Oh, oh. I just noticed this is called Part #2. I have to go find Part 1 now.

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Oh, Lynn. I have a question. I have some gold chargers. I think I've used them twice. I've had them a long time, and if I remember correctly, they were NOT cheap. But I've always thought they LOOKED cheap, real cheap - as in, be-careful-how-much-weight-you-put-on-them-because-the-plastic-might-crack cheap. Mine are made out of some sort of metal.
So here's my question: What material are yours made of and did you use special spray paint?

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great ideas - the talent on this forum never ceases to amaze me - TFS and now I too am off the find Part 1 .....


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Lynn, What a remarkable job!! You must have had so much fun.It is hard to pick a favorite, but the napkin holders and floral arrangements really caught my eye. Again Wonderful job!
Happy Halloween

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Lynn, I agree with everyone -
I love everything, because of all your creative touches.
What a great tablesetting with your painted chargers and
cute stencils (a la Sweet Luvs)> They are just perfect accents for your plates. I like how you used the vintage boards to make napkin rings > such a pretty touch for your napkins. Great flower arrangements. They're so elegant looking and also so creative.
The Halloween tree is adorable along with the cute 'jack' pot it's in. I have to say, I'm still amazed by your clever 'Art Pieces'. I love this idea. (I must remember that).
Your window decor is very dramatic and so clever - All of it!

All your decorations this year have exposed the creative 'kid at heart' in you... lol
You made me smile with everything!


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Lynn, you and I had the same idea this year...I also spray painted a set of chargers purple! LOL!

OA, the chargers I had were some cheap WM ones that I bought on sale after Christmas last year. They're made of plastic and I just used a can of Krylon paint on mine. I've painted several different sets like this, but I'll be interested in hearing what Lynn used.

Lynn, your decorations are wonderful and I love your table. Your dishes are so cute! I think my favorite thing though is the full moon with the bats on the window with the draped ragged cloth.

One question...exactly what did you do to the plates you made with the stencil? Did you use the stencil to cut out the image and just lay it on the plate? Or is it actually painted on the plate?

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Lynn, I forgot to add that I adore your napkin rings! It looks like maybe images from antique postcards. I bet these would be easy to make. I'm keeping this in mind for next year. Can you tell me what size the images are?

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Wow! More wonderful decorations! I'm really impressed with your window decor, the fabric and the three birds are great. Very clever of you to spray paint those chargers, and I really love how you used all the colors from those cute plates on your table. I'm sorry stenciling the plates was hard, but it sure looks like you did a great job on them. Love the spiderweb table cover too, did you have to hem it or just use as is? The napkins are such a neat print, and the napkin rings are so pretty--and what a neat idea. Have to say though, your idea of covering the art work is just the best--and you were able to cut that so perfectly for both of the pictures I've seen it on. Your home looks great, sure hope some of your friends are coming by to enjoy it too. ;o)


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All your decorations are so wonderful and now I need to go find #1 too. Everyone has already said what I'm thinking so will let you know that I enjoyed seeing all of this soooo much and Thanks. Great job on your chargers and they are perfect with your dishes.


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lynn...amazing on what all you have created & done for Halloween decor! My fav here is your bookcase, old books, & the covered art on the wall ...along with adding "Jill!" But I also love your idea of individual flower arrangements in the silver goblets at each place setting...sounds like you'll be tweaking some more...I think they're a great idea!

And, of course, the old Halloween postcards for napkin, love that idea! I have some of those old postcards in a book I bought. Everything, terrific & some of it, terrifying! Great combo for Halloween! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, the little cards you have shared on your posts are just the sweetest things.

Lynn, not sure I'll be able to find a door cover in clearance sales, but you've inspired me to be on the lookout for some. In case I do find some, I wondered how you attached them to your art so as not to do any damage? The one you found was sure perfect for covering your pictures and looked just like a Halloween picture! Whatever gave you the idea to do that? Very creative!


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Karen, thanks! The "drapes" came in these packages for $1 each at the DS. I found that you really need to shop in mid-to-late September to get the best things there.

Prosperity: Thanks! I bought those plain white bread plates at GW for 50-cents each. As for the colors, I have to credit all you here for inspiring me on that.

OA: no, I just cut up the plastic door cover/mural and taped the pieces right to the glass that is covering the paintings. Luckily all were watercolors and pastels. I used blue painters tape, but would still be afraid to tape anything directly on an oil painting :~O
As for my chargers, they're just cheap plastic ones from HL that I got on sale for $2 each several years ago. I had planned on using the spray paint made specifically for plastic, but their purple was too muddy and muted for what I wanted. To use a regular spray paint, you really need to, first lightly sand them, then use a base coat before the color coat; and finally a clear top coat so that the color doesn't scratch off.

Lynne, Jane, Punk, Jeanne & Nana: thanks!

DG: I took the sticky stencils that Luvs sent me and, first adhered them where I wanted the designs. I then used a long darning needle to peel up the middle pumpkin body part, leaving the eyes, nose and mouth on the plates. After I pounced them with black glass paint, I peeled up the adhesive eyes, etc. and there were my darling little jack-o-lanterns! (Sorry if those directions are as clear as mud; I'm still a novice at stencils!).
As for the things I used to make the napkin rings, I sewed elastic, pulled taut, to the undersides of (approx. 7"), sections of Halloween ribbon. I then hand-sewed them together to make the rings and hot glued these 4" x3" cardboard pieces to them. I bought these wall hangings at TJM back in September (for $7.99 or $5.99), to use for napkin rings. I wanted to make my own one of a kind ones. Here's how they originally came:

Luvs: thank you for the lovely compliments and for the stencils! I haven't hemmed the spiderweb tablecloth, but do plan on hemming it today before I pack it away . . . just in case.
As for the thought process behind the painting coverings, those SW paintings just took the life out of my Halloween decorated rooms, and I knew I had to cover them up with something. I first looked at wrapping paper, but the patterns were all too small and repetitious. I then looked for inexpensive posters, but these days they all seemed to be cartoons and celebrities. Finally, I ran across several door cover/murals at the DS and knew that this specific one (below) would give me the coverage, variety and semi-realism I wanted. It was only $1, too. As you can see, I pieced it to give me four covers, but needed to use the added on cardboard cut-outs ($1 for all six @ DS!!) to a few of the plainer ones (cat, owl & skull).

Well, I hope that I've answered all the questions. Now it's on to Autumn and Thanksgiving!

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