Fisher & Paykel Dish Drawer Question

cal_quailMay 14, 2014

Do they display that the load is clean? I've looked at the manuals online, but have been unable to find an answer.

My previous dishwasher (Kenmore of some kind) had a clean light that stayed on until you opened the door after it'd been run. My current one (Samsung) has a light for a short time, which then goes off. It took some getting used to, as we don't run the DW all that often with just the two of us. And with rinsing, sometimes you have to pull a couple things out to tell if it's been run.

We were not going to replace the Samsung in our impending kitchen reno, but now we're considering it and we're thinking of the DDs since we'd be likely to run one more often. As long as we're considering it, I'd love to know if they've got a clean light. It would seem it might be even more important with two DWs than with just one.

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My DD603 (10 years) indicates a clean plate icon, or 00 (I don't much pay attention to what's there) on the LCD badge after a cycle ends, until the drawer is opened or Power is pressed.

The integrated models (without LCD) may not have an indicator.

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Fori is not pleased

One more reason not to rinse dishes!! Just scrape them. :)

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