KENWORTH1May 1, 2013

so, buddy was over the other day and I was using my miele steamer, he has fallen in love with it. The bad part is this is not in his price range for a new unit as he is doing kitchen reno's real soon. Would any one know of a good steamer that's less expensive, that still works great?

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Maybe one of the Sharps.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sharp micro-steam

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lol,...forgot to mention, for a decent unit he would probably spend 1000$ ish....sugestions?

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I am curious as to what is so useful about the Miele steam oven (not their combi) as to justify its space and cost. I would buy their combi, and I have a plumbed combi of another brand, but I don't think I would dedicate the space to a steam oven. What sort of things do you like to cook in it?

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Our steamer gets a lot of use...rice, fish, pasta, my veg...cause I will not eat them heating last nights dinner....proofing bread...ect

My wife and myself designed our kitchen with no microwave....we had one for 20 years on our when we remodeld it was given the boot ......and the only use it ever saw was my from my daughter ...and heating milk for a latte once in a while. And that's been taken care of now by the miele coffee machine! . For us, worth the money, and the space.

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He could check 'scratch and dent' stores if near a major city. Might be one nearby.
Often the dent is invisible once installed and usually warranty applies. Mine is waiting install in the garage so cannot yet comment on how it will be used. We cook ALOT. I'm replacing an old tired Roper double wall oven and suffered the decision process for the past 5yrs since it still works, sorta. All other appliances have been replaced slowly...this is the last of it. And looking forward to it.
Everyones cooking needs are different judging by the massive frozen foods section in my local grocery. The only packaged food in my freezer is edamame and spinach...(my garden starts are just 2inches tall right now.)
I do not think steam ovens will be everyones must-have like microwaves. I do not think they are high end 'fads' either. Cooking is my therapy and my husbands.
Nope, don't 'need' a steam oven. Just want one. And do not have a microwave.
Or toaster oven or any other counter appliances.

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