Halloween Buffet

phonegirlOctober 30, 2011

Here's the decorations on the buffet behind the table. Loved these purple boots when I saw them and hope to find a red hat or purse to go with them. Notice I'm not as creative as Candy using my witch's broom.LOL

I bought this mirror while shopping at Ross. Not sure I like it on there so it's just leaning it up against the wall for now. Used my orange serving tray for the bottom cp to add some color.

Painted a couple of purple pumpkins this year. Here's my other set of spider web candle holders. I put orange candles in them and like the look when lit. The black and white polka dot dish was clearance for $2 and matched my spreaders I used on the table.

The scarecrows and pumpkins were on clearance at Michaels. DD bought me this spider web rug and candy dish. I thought the rug was to cute for the floor so it's my place mat on the counter. Filled the bowl for the first round of TOT's.

Hope it's nice tomorrow and I might do a little decorating outside. It was cold and windy today. I stayed in and accomplished alot. DGD was going to come down and spend the night but went to a Halloween party and stayed longer than planned. Sure makes a difference when no one shows up. Hope your ready for some more pictures. I will be sharing my fall hutch too.


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Well here I am at almost 3:30 in the AM...having one of my not so good nights..and I think..let me see if anything's new on Holiday...and there YOU are - with 2 new posts!

You're having way too much fun with your new buffet, changing your decorations every couple of hrs!! LOL
There are so many things to look at! I wouldn't have put that spiderweb rug on the floor either...better as a mat and I'm sure DD will agree when she sees how you used it.
I love those spiderweb candleholders and the witch hat tucked in there by the cute Haunted House. I see your
'retro witch' - I always liked how you painted her. Cute scarecrows too..but 'THE STANDOUT' piece are those PURPLE BOOTS...just wait till Karen sees those! They really command attention!
Too bad your DGD didn't come over to 'play' with you..she would just had a ball with all your fun things!
As far as you doing some decorating outside tomorrow...my decorations are 'Buried In Snow'! ugg
We were hit with a doozie of a snow storm..never before so much this early in the season. I hope this is not what we will be in for again, this Winter.
I see your candy is ready and waiting..I hope we get some TOTs here...usually all the kids go to the school at night for a 'Trick or Trunk'. They have a parade...then trick or treat from everyone's decorated car trunk! Never saw that before...but they feel it's safer for the kids that way...especially since it so rural here.
TFS your fun decorations Punk...I always enjoy looking.

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Jane, so sorry to hear you had a bad night. So your not doing great are you? I'm sad knowing your with the others here not up to par. Wish I could zap all of your ill's away. I'm a witch but don't have the power yet.LOL

You have lots of SNOW! Oh my, it's way to early for this to be going on. You better put your house on the market and move closer to me. They had predicted snow for us last night but didn't happen, thank goodness.

DGD will be down today. We're going to make some treats for her party at school tomorrow. Interesting, 'Trick or Trunk' hum. A parade sounds fun but it's almost to cold for that too. If it keeps the kids safe that's what counts and I'm glad someone is on top of it.

I'm glad I posted so you had something to look at. I always enjoy reading your comments. Thanks


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Punk, Your Buffet is is defrightful!
Those high heeled purple boots are great [don't let Karen see them lol]
I love the purple pumpkins and the silver jacks too. The retro witch is bewitching.
Jane I hope you are feeling better very soon.

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Absoutely Boo-tiful!! I love all the glitter pumpkins and that haunted house is too cute!
I knew I saw some glittery shoes in the background on your other post! Those are really cute and look good with the broom.
The little rug looks like it was made to match your treat bowl!! Plus...you give full size candy bars!! I'm coming to your house, LOL.

We get anywhere from 80-100 TOTer's so full size bars would cost a fortune here! Many of them don't live here, and I will see a van at the end of the cul-de-sac and have a group of 10 kids all at once, so I know they are driving them in in groups!

Your fall scarecrows and Mr. Rooster look good too! And that display can stay up through Thanksgiving!

Lovely vignettes as usual. But, we wouldn't expect anything else.


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So pretty and sparkly. Love the scarecrows as well.
I'm coming with Candy to your house , full size Reeses call my name. LOL We're not doing t-or-t'ing here this year so no candy in sight. I'm being deprived of "sneaking" from the bowl. lol

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Nana, thanks for all the sweet comments.

Candy, we always give full size candy bars. When Halloween is on the weekend, I always have cookies, other goodies and popcorn balls too. This year it's only going to be popcorn balls as an extra. Alot of the TOT's parents are customers so I love giving back. We plan for 150 and hope to have a few left.

Thanks for all your sweet comments too.

MM, please do come with Candy. I'd love to have help handing out treats! The door doesn't stay shut long so it's fun to see all the cute costumes. I don't eat alot of candy but love pie, cookies and cake.

Thanks for the comments. This is what keeps me going and buying.LOL


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Very festive, punk...esp all the 'sparkle & no doom!' ...the purples, silvers, blacks +! Those boots are definitely 'made for walkin' & you better watch out for PM if she show up in your neck of the woods!

Your orange base certainly shows off your centerpc...that Halloween house is way cute & the winding staircase...ooooowww! Everything is looking very WITCHY & ready for 'trick n' treaters!' Lucky you...I'm glad you have lots of 'em! Everything looks great! TFS! Jeanne S. (oh yeah, that rug is perfect on your counter!)

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