Here's My New Goodies

phonegirlOctober 13, 2010

This is why I couldn't be with Lynn watching the Hot Air Balloons. I was to busy opening my fun gifts I received. My family doesn't always act thrilled with my tables but I think they came through very well with my gifts.

I used the small plates and cream set of my new silverware on DMIL bday table. I also got another set of placemats that didn't get in on these pictures.

DGD told me the ice cream dishes were mine for my bday but I have to use them for her next bday party.LOL Aren't the ice cream dishes, spatulas and cookie cutters just cute she picked out for me?

I'm so excited to have all new dishes, placemats, napkin rings and tinsel to use on my tables. The new Silver jeans are some I tried on while shopping with DD one day and she ran right back and bought them for me. I got to do this more often.LOL Isn't is fun to be SPOILED!


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I'm glad you have a family who spoils you! And I'm sure they really enjoy and appreciate all the beautiful tables you set.
Had to laugh at DGD's gifts...way cute! And her already doing dibs on them for her birthday. LOL. She picked some pretty neat stuff I think.

hugs, Karen

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You certainly had a lucrative birthday! The ice cream parlor themed goodies are darling. I bet DGD had a ball picking those things out. Love the spatula.

I see you got the flatware in TWO colors. Not fair! You are too spoiled.

Both sets of plates are great. They're close enough in color that you could set every other place (alternating light and dark) with the two sets and you could entertain twice as many people at the same time. (I like the mustard color best.)

What are you doing up at this hour? (It's 2:37 here.) I have an infection in one eye and it's bothering me, so I'm not sleeping. What's your excuse???

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Oh golly, I forgot to say, "Happy Birthday."

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Happy birthday Punk! Gosh you really got some fantastic gifts! The ice cream set is so cute! I can't wait to see the table settings you'll be making with all your new pretties!

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You are 'one spoiled brat'!! Nawww - it's clear to
see how much they love you and actually got you things that you love!
The Ice cream set is adorable and I'm laughing
b/c I'm sure DGdtr has 'Grand Plans' for them! You definitely have to show us when you use them.
Love the pretty dishes and their colors. You'll get to pair them up in many ways.
Also the flatware in TWO colors!! yep, You're spoiled!
I've got the red and passed up a black set..(stupid)..
Laughing over DD and the jeans..snazy!

So glad to see you had a nice Bdday and with all you do, you deserve to be spoiled!


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Happy Birthday Punk. What wonderful treasures I'm looking forward to seeing the tables you create with them. Aren't DGDs wonderful? You have a great family.

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Well, Happy Birthday to you. I think being spoiled is a good thing. My, my at all the goodies. That silverware is great, love the colors. The plates are beautiful too. Of course what really screams to me is the ice cream set, you all know those are my colors.

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Happy birthday, Punk! You and I have the same birthday!

I love all the ice cream things--I suspect you'll get requests to use them not just for DGD's birthday party! The new flatware looks very versatile, you could even mix the colors since they are the same pattern. The napkin rings with the flowers look like they were made to use with the plates you got! And the crocheted daisy placemats look like fun. Hmm...I wonder if there's a pattern for those out there on the web somewhere...

What a neat birthday--and how wonderful your family knows what will make you happy! I'm not sharing anything yet since DH has had a bad back that makes it difficult for him to ride in/drive the car. He promises that we'll celebrate later. I did get a generous check from DMIL and DFIL. I'm going to buy three redwood trees for the yard, but I'll have some left over...and I can spoil myself!

- Magpie

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Happy Birthday Ms. Punk and Ms. Magpie!! Hope you both had a great celebration and many blessings to you in the next year!
Ms. Punkie your gifts are have the SMARTEST family!!

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Belated HAPPY BIRTHDAYS, Punk and Magpie!
hugs, Karen

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Well, happy birthday Punk and Magpie too! Hope you both had wonderful days and will have a terrific year.

Magpie, isn't it just like us women to use our birthday money for "practical" things???? I'm sure you've wanted the trees for awhile and are excited to finally be able to get them, and you will enjoy them for years to come. Do splurge a bit on something fun just for you too, okay?

Punk, I'm drooling over all your ice cream shoppe dishes--they are so yummy looking--how fun! I hope you will be able to make a new "tradition" of using them for special birthdays for sure. Love the other two sets of plates too, scallops on one and the raised design on the other. Your family sure listens well and follows through by getting you things you really enjoy. Lots of wonderful new things to play with--can't wait!


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Happy Birthday, Punk and Magpie!

Punk, you got some AWESOME booty there!!! The ice cream sets are just too cute! I love both sets of plates, and can't believe you got those beautiful crocheted mats! I didn't think anyone crocheted anymore, and doilies and mats like that are SO pretty. Makes me think of my grandmother.

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Magpie...just read it was your Birthday too!
Happy Birthday to you...and many many more!!


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Ok, I had to go back & look at your "cheerleading pic" in the Holidays family album! Yup, now I know why you get so many great b'day're so darn cute, punk! And your family loves ya, loves ya & looks like they're part of the "Enablers R Us" group!

Wow, ya did good, girl! Your DGD sure picked out some "fun" dishes for celebrating...& everything else looks like t'scape dreams! 2 sets of flatware!!! So, happy b'day, punk! TFS your lovely day! Jeanne S.

magpie...Happy b'day to you, too! Hope your day was a good one & ya enjoyed! Jeanne

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Karen, thanks, ya can't help but love kids and what they come up with.

OA, the light silverware are cream colored and what a great idea being able to use both on one table. And to think I was thinking I needed more. Now I can ask for other colors. U R so smart.LOL

How's the eye infection today? That's not good! I was catching up on my laundry and housework.

Dream, I wish I had a birthday to celebrate right now so I could see the ice cream dishes on a table. Oh, that's right, we don't use the tables I set so maybe I'll try one soon.

Jane, you sound like all my older B & S and they made me this way.haha They must not think I'm to bad or they wouldn't come and stay for months with me. I'm going to try to come up with a table to use these ice cr dishes so I can get help from all of you pros here. This way when it's time for DGD's bd it should look great.

NanaKaren, GD's are so much fun. No one should be w/o at least one. I do love my family.

Frou, you are so right with the colors on the ice cr dishes. They would be perfect in your kitchen. Sorry I'm not ready to part with them.LOL

Magpie, I was ready to tell you to "get out of here" but went and looked at your page and we do share the same birthday.LOL Happy Belated Birthday to you. I wouldn't be surprised if there is a pattern for the placemats on the net. Do you crochet? Send me an email and I'll see what I can find if you are interested.

Can never plant enough trees. Where do you live? If I am close I will come and pick you up and take you shopping and buy you lunch! You will be able to think about what you want so when DH gets to feeling better you can pick up your trees and more. thanks so much for letting us know it was your birthday. If I ever get organized, I will put all of your names on a calendar next to my computer.

J, my family never ceases to amaze me and I love them. Thanks for the blessings for Magpie and I.

Luvs, I will never get back to painting if my family keeps this up. Maybe I should ask for more painting books for Christmas. I hope these dishes are ones I can use for DGD birthdays for several years and then pass them on to her for a keepsake. DD delights in making everyone's gifts SPECIAL.

Party, the placemats came from Dillard's so are not handmade.

Jeanne, you are so stinkin' funny,"cheerleading pic". I just turned 55 and would not want to be caught chunky dunkin'.LOL Oh, if you don't know what chunky dunkin is, it's what I do now instead of skinny dippin'.

Thanks so much everyone for all the sweet comments and Belated Birthday Wishes for myself and "Magpie".


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"if you don't know what chunky dunkin is, it's what I do now instead of skinny dippin'."

OK. That made me chuckle right out loud. First time I ever heard that one.

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Thanks for the sweet notes on our birthdays! How fun it is to get all these greetings. Since we moved from So California I don't have LOCAL friends who know my birthday, it's just a little secret. But I have my forum friends! Thanks again.

Punk, what fun it would be to celebrate our birthdays with a little luncheon! I have a feeling, though, that I am far, far away from you in Southern Oregon. Never heard of anyone up here in the beautiful Northwest. Next year we'll have to plan a "virtual lunch" with birthday tablescapes, and invite all our online friends! (Be sure to fill all those great ice cream dishes appropriately. LOL)

I'm going to search the web for placemat patterns and see what I can find. I think they'd be perfect for a summer breakfast...

- Magpie

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