couple of Halloween decos

PurplemoonOctober 26, 2011

HELP....I can't stop shopping! Enough with the "therapy"!

But I saw this CUTE little witch workbench, hand crafted by an Etsy seller, and thought my witches needed it. (that's my story and I'm sticking to it!)

And this one is Jeanne's fault. LOL. She is always showing us those delightful vintage cards! Well some company went and made some resin decorations from pictures on those old style cards. I couldn't resist this one.

Thanks, Jeanne! ;o)

This is NOT mine, and ONLY because I really love my DD.

She also likes witch stuff, so when she bought this one at Home Goods, she KEPT it. (Can you believe she'd do that to her poor ol' lame Mom! LOL) She told me she looked but they only had the one. I'm not sure I want to forgive her for keeping it tho. ;o)

hugs, Karen

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Oh, all of those are must-haves! You'll have to sneak that witch home when you're feeding DD's dogs! LOL!

Please share the vintage cards decor place ...since you happen to mention my name in regard to that purchase (tee hee), then you need to share the site! LOL! That little girl w/pumpkin is ADORABLE!

Great finds! What fun for you! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, the seller has 8 pgs of the Victorian postcard stuff listed, tho most of the figurines are on the last couple of pages. Some mixed in on other pgs tho.

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Victorian postcard decos

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I wouldn't be able to resist those cute things either!
I LOVE the Vintage Postcard figurine. It reminds me of the Bethany Lowe collection.
I went and checked out the dealer and will go back. Lots of nice things...right up my alley too!
Cute think DD would let you borrow it...and then maybe by next year she'll forget all about it!! lol


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Thanks, PM! Loved looking at that site! I love the one you got! And I found my 'bunnies' that I got at a TS & displayed last Easter!

Yes, Jane, I saw one Bethany Lowe item on her e-bay your's under the cloche, too! You both are very good 'enablers' ...LOL!
Jeanne S.

Here is a link that might be useful: Bunnies

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Jeanne...all the 'enabling' between us...
is a good thing - right? lol
Are those bunnies like the ones you bought at a TS?
They're adorable.


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I just can't stay out of trouble with shopping for Halloween it seems. I love looking at stuff on Etsy as its all handmade, or vintage. One seller makes tablerunners that were very appealing to me, and after lots of going back and forth looking at her Halloween and Fall ones, I settled on this one. Photo just shows half, its over 40" long.

Then looking at blog tablesettings, I spied these owl dishes and am in a serious state of the "I WANTS". The larger plate with owls came from TJ Maxx she said, but the one I really drooled over was the little black owl dish she got on sale at CTS. I need CTS to come WEST, darn it!!

Luckily (?)I only ever want ONE plate to display and not several for settings. However, the bad news is I just looked at my Wish List and see there are now NINE plates I want....just for Halloween!! Sheesh. I can usually find them on eBay, but with shipping most just aren't what I want to pay. Thanks to Jane and Candy showing their Debbie Mumm plates I looked up various ones by DM, and now there are three I want. Arrgghhh. Maybe before NEXT year's Halloween, I'll locate some of them on sale.

My Wish List of holiday stuff just keeps growing. Do any of you keep such a thing to pine over, and hunt for in your 'treasure shopping'? (With Candy's thrifty luck, she probably has no need of a wish list. LOL)

hugs, Karen

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PM...I LOVE that runner! Looks very nicely done! Good for you! I had an 'owl' candle in my hands today but wanted 30% off & it was in that aisle at Gordmann's but wasn't on sale when they scanned I left it! Those owl plates are really COOL ... 'future ideas' list, uh?

I did get this Halloween frame for one of my fav pics...this is my G'ma in nursing home & my kids, & a couple friends'& their kids w/us many yrs ago! This frame was $6 & I thought it was worth it! Perfect:

It's sitting on countertop ledge between kitchen & LR ...& here's the other 'bat' frame of kids when they were little! I lit the little pumpkin candles...a gift from a friend:

Yup, Jane...those are the same bunnies & I think I pd. $6 for the pair last yr at a TS! Here they are last Easter:

I've hi-jacked your post, karen! (but, yes, the ol' wish list keeps growing)...always fun to find a bargain & share! Jeanne

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Nope, you didn't hijack my post. No one can do that, LOL.
So post away!
You got a real steal on those bunnies!
And that Halloween frame is absolutely MEANT for that wonderful photo of yours!

hugs, Karen

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Thanks, PM...that Halloween frame made me think of our talented, 'luvs,' who does all that cool stuff w/her Circut machine! I've got my decorated blocks from luvs sitting on my porch window sill...will share pics when done w/porch...slow (but steady)...this season! LOL! Jeanne S.

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