Breast Cancer Table

phonegirlOctober 29, 2011

Kathleen mentioned she would be honoring all the Breast Cancer Survivors and those fighting the battle on her Blog. I lost my DM to cancer at a young age and was touched when I read this and wanted to join her. This is such a sweet thing for her to do.

I had planned on using my ornaments I bought last year for Christmas but they are still hiding from me! My turn Karen.LOL I'm thinking they are packed away out in the shed with my Valentine things.

The flatware is First Love by Rogers that belonged to a DF's mother. The plates were from TJ Maxx and Ross. This is my little brest cancer dish that has pink ribbons inside and each compartment in painted different on the outside. Kinda cute? Don't remember where DD & I spotted it but it came home w/me that day. I also made a few pink ribbons since I couldn't find the ornaments.

I bought the peonies and picks from DP. Used my lighted pussy willows and flowers with them for the cp. Bought the vase from Ross for Easter this year. Vintage girl is a Valentine vase but I let her carry some ribbons. Let's all march for a cure.

Thanks for looking and please say a prayer for all in need.


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Punk this table is Simply Elegant. It is perfect for honoring Breast Cancer Survivors.

I am sorry that you lost your Mom to cancer.

Thank you for sharing this truly meaningful table.


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Lovely and meaningful.
My own Mother is a 11 year survivor so this is very special, thank you. :)
I'm sorry you lost yours , C is evil and such a terribly unfair issue :-(.

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Nana and MM, thanks for your comments. I miss DM and wish she was here to enjoy my life with. She'd love DD and DGD and all our shopping sprees. She was so full of life and a very sharing, caring smart lady. I know she's smiling down from above tho.

MM so happy to hear your DM is a survivor of 11 yrs. Take care of her and let her know how special she is every day.

Early detection can be the key to a long life.


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Marlene Kindred

What a lovely tribute to your DM and to everyone who has battled with cancer. Love the plates, the girl vase and all of your other accessories.

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Punk, I'm so sorry you lost your DM to the big C--me too, but I was only 3 months old so never got to know her, only stories from GP's and DA's. Your gorgeous rose plates just made me drool, they are so pretty, and I love how you used the beads too. Your lighted pussy willows are perfect in your arrangement and the little girl looks just right with this tc. We need to encourage all our DD's and DGD's to get their exams. I heard just the other day that there is a new and better way to get the chemo to the tumor by just injecting it into the ducts. Let's hope they keep coming up with more and better treatments. Luvs

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Marlene, thanks for looking and your sweet comments. Hope others will realize how important checkups are the more we stress it.

Luvs, thanks for the comments. I didn't know you lost your mother at such a young age. No wonder you are such a nuturing mom, gma, wife and friend. So, so sorry to hear this. I was really disappointed I couldn't find my ornaments and almost didn't post because of it. You sure know how to make a girl feel good tho.

Wouldn't it be great if this chemo treatment works. My neice is a chemical engineer and she said in years to come they will take a cell and grow a new one when someone needs it. Need a heart, they'll grow you a new one! Almost more than one can fathom huh?

Thanks again everyone for your comments. Hope all of you have had a checkup this year and if not, schedule one soon. Your all a big part of this Holiday forum and we need each other.


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What a beautiful tribute table. Words escape me. Just so very touching is all I can muster right now.

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Punk, this is such a lovely tribute table.
I can see a lot of thought to detail was put into it.
Such lovely dishes and accessories...especially that lovely CP.
I'm so sorry you lost your mom to cancer..and I didn't realize Luvs did too when she was just a baby. So very sad.
I lost my DM and DMIL to cancer as well...too many special people have been taken away leaving so many lives affected.

Thanks for this lovely table. It means so much.

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Punk, there's nothing I can add that hasn't been said. I have tears running down my face from your special table and all the stories.
You've really touched me.

hugs, Karen
(tho I did smile when you said I was not the only one to lose decorations!)

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As has already been said, lovely tribute table!
Sorry to hear about losing your DM so young, but you really put your heart into this table.
Glad you didn't let the MIA ornies stop you. They'll turn up eventually, and your table is just gorgeous without them.
I'm loving the square peony/rose? plates! Those are gorgeous.

Great attention to detail and just like Mary Poppins, practically perfect in every way!!


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Kath, thanks for your comments.

Jane, so sorry to hear you lost your DM & DMIL to cancer. Luvs losing her DM was a tear jerker alright. I had to set this table in my painting room since my Halloween table was already set so glad it worked out.

Karen, my table is bringing out alot of emotions. It's so hard to Love and Lose. It will be interesting to see where my ornaments are. I should be finding them in the next couple of months.

Candy, those plates are so pretty. Wish they would of had more than 2 on clearance when I bought them. I'm hoping to get lucky and find more at GW or ys.

Thanks for all the wonderful comments and on my table. Just got a phone call and DGD is on her way down so best finish my posting and get in the shower. Fun times ahead.


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Such a lovely table, eyes were drawn immediately to the big square rose plates...with the lacey white heart plates layered & the pretty little bowls!...GORGEOUS!

Your centerpc is beautifully arranged & love the new vase! Flatware is perfect for this t'scape & your lovely little vintage girl w/pink ribbons.

I am another who lost their Mom to cancer but my Mom was one of the first to be treated in our local hosp when she was just in her early 30's ...& she lived to be 78 but died of cancer & had a rough last yr. So thank you for your pretty table & your kind words & thoughts. & hugs to all of you who have lost loved ones. TFS. Jeanne S.

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Jeanne your so sweet and always have the nicest comments. Thanks for sharing your story about your DM. I love that she was a survivor for all those years. Sounds like she had a good life until her last year.


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Punk this is a lovely tribute. I am praying for a cure and for strength for all those dealing with this terrible disease.

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