New CC rangetop installed!!

dhustonMay 9, 2012

Well not really installed just put in place waiting on gas hookups.

I want to thank Trevor at Eurostoves for making this buy a smooth experience. The wrong model was sent originally and he promptly remedied the problem and had a new one sent from the factory. It arrived exactly when he said it was. Thank you very much Trevor!

I have little problem with the cabinet that was made for it though. Seems the sell sheet doesn't really show that there are lips on the side for the granite to go under. So my cabinet maker didn't know to account for the countertop thickness and now there is a gap below the rangetop. Not a major problem, nothing a piece of filler cant fix. Just a little info in case anyone else is getting a rangetop.

Thanks to everyone here! Never would have known about the Culinarian if I had found GW.

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Looks good. Is that a broan hood? I think i have the same one just in a 36"

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Yes it is a Broan. Are you happy with yours?

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We had the exact problem with our installation and a filler piece did the trick -- the Capital Culinarian installation drawing is horrendous and it is almost a crime that they don't provide more clarity -- at least on the web if they're too cheap to add a page insert to their manual.

Be sure your plumber installs the gas regulator that is sitting on your countertop!


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very pretty!! did you get the grill or griddle?

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I also would like to know how people like their Broan hoods.

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Take it from me. Please make sure that regulator is installed.

I had the same issue with the gap. My cab maker made a filler strip. It's really too bad that I needed it considering these should have been perfectly installed custom cabs, and were until the CC install.

Btw, I considered those cab pulls. Very pretty. Kitchen looks great!

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Damn, you got my pulls and cabinets :) Oh and the bigger CC.

Yeah, I too wen through the horrible instructions for the CC. I used Scherr's for my cabinets and they thought the CC sits on a platform, like other rangetops. Instructions do not make it clear that the rangetop is suspended from the counter, more like a cooktop. So I have an even larger gap that was between the top of my cabinets and the bottom of the CC. The other reason for that was so I could have room to adjust for another rangetop if ever need be in the future.

I would like to point out that even if you understood the installation 100% that you will still need a filler strip anyway. There still is bare metal that shows from the bottom of the drip trays to the bottom of the rangetop. You also don't want the rangtop to sit directly on the platform anyway so that would also increase the gap slightly as well. The small filler would fill the gap between the bottom of the drip tray to the top of the cabinet.

The way your came out, it will be much easier to affix a filler piece between the top drawer bottom of the drip tray.

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We have the gap at the bottom too. You have to be lying down on the floor to see it (for us) so i just left it.

@dhuston yah, you can't beat the price and it sucks for sure. Its loud but we don't use it to often. The baffles are easy to come out to put in the dishwasher. It does moan a little but on low levels, on high all you hear is large amounts of air going thru it. You will need the makeup air unit. Thank got we put at least one in. If we didn't the fan would have sucked air from down the chimney, blowing Ashes all thru the livingroom.

I also have a 3" gap on each side of the hood.

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My cabinet guy is coming to put a filler strip in next week. I agree that Capital should really update their spec sheet. Kinda glad it doesn't sit on the cabinet like todds said. Now the filler can match the bottom rails of the drawers to the right and left. We also put some shims under the rangetop to transfer some weight to the cabinet.

The plumbers are there today hooking everything up and they were made aware of the regulator!

As far as the hood goes I have turned it on and it doesn't seem too loud to me. But i haven't tried to have a converstation with it on yet either. We don't have a make up air unit though. Just the big window to open up!

I LOVE the pulls!!! It was amazing the difference they made when they got installed.

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Very nice! All the way around. Bet you can't wait to cook. Smart, from what I've read with these high BTU's, to set the upper lateral cabinets back another 3" each side from the hood. Can't recall if Capital specs recommend that.

Silly question, but what does the gas regulator do and where does it go? We don't have one on our old cooktop's gas pipe, but its a low BTU unit. We do have the emergency gas shut off valve easily accessible and boldly marked in blue behind the first drawer.


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The regulator controls the gas flow going into the range. Its behind our the lower draws under the rangetop.

Not that I think of it, i think capital recommended the spacing for fire code.

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