Last Fall here..(maybe) !! lol

slinkeyOctober 18, 2012

Hi Everyone.. (OT a bit)

Been laying low after much going on here.

Got the house ready for the Realtor..then ended up in hosp ER twice in two weeks -

Kidney Stone...then last week, very nasty bacterial infection. I'm on pain and antibiotic meds..and will follow up next week.

In the meantime, been resting lots now and took a few

pics. I did minimal Fall Dec as DH made me promise -

Keep It overload or distraction of Seasonal Decor! 'Yes Sir' !! He's right though.

I did a slideshow !! Not like our 'Holiday Slideshow Queen' bear with

I'm hoping it works and MOST of all I'm hoping ALL my PB pictures are not for ALL to see.

PLEASE let me know if they are and I will delete it.

Didn't do much new except the little white Hutch has some

dishes I got from a (huge)..Barn/Estate Sale..the Large platter was from GW - pricey for them $15 -

but I couldn't resist it. Everything you've seen before - Goose Girl is still over the Mantel..and that's about it.

TFL and hope you enjoy.


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Aren't kidney stones fun? lol. I really like the wooden wagon on your porch, and everything else.

Take it easy and get well soon! Oh, drink lots of water. ;)

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yikes! You're having luck like mine lately. Hope everything improves soon!

LOVED your slideshow! your decor is beautiful!!! I can't imagine what you'd have to do to get your house any more ready for a realtor!

And, BTW, I checked the 'album' link from the slideshow and it appears to be private as you wish.

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Oh, jane, everything is as 'beautiful' as ever!! You've done a tremendous job on your 'minimal' decor (LOL...minimal...your word)

Your GW platter is gorgeous! Love it! & the new (old) dishes w/blue/gold color/pattern sure fit your style! Love them, too!

The corner wagon is always a delight ...faux pumpkins or real...lookin' great! Also enjoy the simplicity of the 'compote' bowls/pumpkin...

Good luck on the sale & hope w/you are getting the rest you need & will be ready to 'move on' soon. So good to see your post...always enjoy! Jeanne S.

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Lovely fall decor. Your home is so lovely and decorated so nicely ALL the time. I can't imagine how any house buyer could resist it! Love seeing what you do with the old wagon. What a neat piece that is. And your mantel is always perfection. Do the plates with the blue have a raised design? Sort of looks like they do in the one picture.

So sorry about the stones, I've had that experience before and know how painful they are. And an infection too? Just too much going wrong there, you do need to heed your DH's advice and take it easy.

As always, I love seeing how you decorate--always tasteful and classy. ;o)


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Ladies - thank you ALL !
I'm so happy and relieved that the slideshow worked! yaay..
It was so much quicker for me to do and with not much time
ahead of me, it was so helpful.

Oak..thanks for your kind words...and Yes - lots of water is key - I know, but I'm not good at doing that.
Glad you liked the little wagon - a favorite piece of mine and always fun to decorate/play with too!

PM...thanks for letting me know about the 'private setting' working...That's a relief.
You'd be surprised about 'getting things ready for the Realtor'..seems all of a sudden you notice all the little smudges and missing paint on walls and moldings! Besides
putting extras away and - CLEANING !
Thanks for you comments. nice to read you 'liked Everything' !! lol
I love the fruit/pumpkin bowls too and that GW platter is even nicer in person! always make me smile and I love when you say I always decorate tasteful and classy! That's always such a wonderful compliment to hear.
You've got a good eye on the 'raised design' on those dishes. The camera doesn't do them justice..they also have such a lovely 'feel' to them too.
Thanks for your 'health advice'...I'm just grateful that all I have to do for now - is keep after everything. It shouldn't be too hard now that it's just DH & I.

Thanks again everyone..

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Jane, Wow, you have quite a lot on your plate, but I agree your "minimal" decorating is quite festive and as usual, always well done.
The wagon is my fav too!!

Good luck on selling your house and I hope you stay healthy.


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Jane, don't scare me with that "last Fall here"....I take things literally and saw HERE (our Forum) instead of your house you're selling. LOL

My goodness, you just got yourself into all kinds of trouble. I hope you are well on the road to recovery, and no more ER visits, rest of this year at least.

I agree with everyone else's comments. Especially Luvs, she nailed it with "classy and tasteful". That definitely describes your decorating. What I am betting the farm on, when folks come to see the house about buying, and see your Fall decor...its going to inspire them! Probably many people don't really think about decorating right now, or maybe never have done Fall stuff. You might have some folks copying you very soon. ;o)

I love, love that little rustic wagon. Such a great piece to decorate. But everything is just so pretty and I've already looked at the pix twice, and will go back.

LOL, don't go calling me the Slide Show Queen, I don't make them. (I personally don't like slideshows, I want to take my time and look at each photo for as long as I want!) But apparently when I post my links on here, Photobucket automatically takes folks straight to the slideshow format. ;o)

hugs, Karen (who thinks your house will sell FAST)

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Jane, geez, so sorry to hear you've visited the ER twice lately. The table I posted tonight is for you also! Sure hope the antibiotic meds get you back on track.

Your decor is amazing and I always enjoy seeing how you display it. Wonderful new set of dishes and platter. Your wagon is the bomb! If you sell will miss your decorated mantel. Or do you plan to have another one in your new home?

Sending hugs and prayers your way.


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Marlene Kindred

WOW! All I can say is if that is minimal decorating, then I'm in trouble! What beautiful decorations...the front porch, the hutch, etc. Love your dishes in your hutch too! Good luck in selling your house and I hope you feel much better very soon!

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Thank you for such sweet comments.
Glad you enjoyed my 'minimal' decorating. Honestly,
it really is!
I also thank you for All the good wishes on selling my
home...From your mouths - to 'God's Ears' !!

Ha! Karen...I didn't mean to scare you with my 'Last Time Here' wasn't 'Holiday' here..but 'House Here' !! lol
But I can see how that title would bring that to mind.
Thanks for all your lovely words and as far as inspiring others into 'Fall Decorating'...who knows...I hope so.
I'm afraid tho that it might go further and further than Fall..we'll see.

Punk..even if I have to put up a Faux mantel...I WILL HAVE A MANTEL!! I couldn't live w/o
Thanks for your hugs and prayers.

Marlene...thank you too for your well wishes and compliments every bit helps.


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Whew, glad to know that you will have a mantel even if it's a Faux one. I'm still laughing over this one. I've seen some pretty neat faux ones tho.

Hope your home sells before winter comes. We sure don't want to repeat the past for you. From what I've read, I'm thinking our winter will be mild this year.


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Punk...I'm praying for a mild winter .
I've heard mixed I guess we'll see when we're 'in it' !
Last year, we were hit with an awful snow storm Oct 30th.
That's the one that blew out everything and took down trees.
We were out of power for 8 days. DH is ready with his generator this year. I'm praying we don't have to use it at all.
Hope you do have a mild winter..especially that you still commute to work ea day.
As far as selling before the Winter..again - from your mouth to 'God's Ears' !!

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Gosh I just read my replies and realized I left
out Candy!!
So sorry Candy...I could have sworn I included you !
Thank you too for your sweet comments..
Glad you enjoy the's my favorite as well and always fun to decorate.
I'm lucky it's protected on the porch so the weather doesn't affect it since I leave it out all yr.
Thanks for your well wishes too..

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Unable to view it on my IPad, but I'm sure it's equally as pretty as all your decor is. Hope you feel better soon.

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so nice to see you here.
You know you've been missed.
Thanks for the compliments and the well wishes.
Hope you won't be gone too long again..
Always enjoy hearing from you.

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