A SMALL well built microwave

nap101May 31, 2012

does this even exist?

I'm redoing my kitchen. Space is at a premium in my small kitchen. The microwave placement has become a major issue in my kitchen redesign. I don't use a microwave much, but haven't quite reached that point where I'm willing to completely eliminate it. (I would prefer never using it because I don't think it's good for anyone health wise, but like a lot of things that aren't good for me I tend to use it when I'm feeling lazy. )

So I want something as small as possible that won't malfunction on me. Only for heating up very small things. I don't care if it takes an extra minute or two to heat something up as long as it doesn't stop working after a year. And I don't need a lot of fancy functions. (don't use it for popcorn even)

My existing microwave fits that and I was surprised that in the 21 years since that model was manufactured, microwave ovens have ballooned in size. The white plastic has yellowed, and it doesn't heat food that fast, but it has never failed me.

Any ideas?

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the ajmadison.com web site lets you search by size.

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Buff the plastic with polishing compound to see if it can be restored to a whiter shade.

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We got the GE spacemaker and so far its great. Its smallish in size, but can still fit a 9X13 sterilite container.


Is that small enough?\

If not, go to walmart and but a $50 one. Replace it when it dies. Get a dorm style one.

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I too got the GE Spacemaker. But I have NOT used it yet as we are still under construction. It was the only micro I could find that could be under-cabinet mounted and be virtually flush with adjacent wall cabinet bottoms. It was about as close as I could come to a built-in look without getting a huge microwave. I'm mounting it under a 24" wide wall cabinet.

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thanks for the feedback. The GE Spacemaker will work for one of my plans, but about 2 inches too wide for the other.

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I have a little .5 cf model that's made by sunbeam/rival. It's underpowered so things take a bit longer, but it's been going strong for three years now and I bought it because it was the smallest readily available white model that will hold a regular size dinner plate. It was under $50 and so far no discoloration.

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Here are two possibilities, the Whirlpool Max and a Panasonic Commercial NE24f. The Max is big on small and the Panasonic is no turntable, bottom energy feed, real door, reliability.


Here is a link that might be useful: Whirlpool Max

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