What is the best range I can get with this setup?

littledonkeyMay 7, 2014

We are moving into a rental in Manhattan. Good news is I can provide my own appliances. Bad news is in the photo. The outlet and gas line (3/4") are about 9-11 inches from floor. I think outlet is 110v so dual fuel is likely out.

Assuming they don't let me hire someone to upgrade electrical and move gas pipe, what's the best range I can get? There was a frigidaire (I think) there before but I had been eyeing the Wolf dual fuel or Bluestar all gas before I saw the hole left after old tenant moved out. Are the pro ranges going to be a no go?

Please help! And thank you.

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Here's a wider shot if that's helpful. Pipe sits a few inches out from wall. Wall doesn't seem structural but no idea how receptive the mgmt company will be to any proposed structural changes.

Thanks again!

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It's 30" if that's helpful.

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You really would not be making structural changes to accommodate a Bluestar, but you would need to have the gas and electrical both moved to within 3" of the floor.
...or live with the range sticking out of the opening a few inches

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Here's the pic rightside up.


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Our gas pipe situation was similar to yours, so I installed a shorter nipple on the gas pipe to get the 90 degree bend snug to the wall. And when the gas valve is in the on position in line with the pipe the total distance the stove sits off the wall is only 1.5 inches, and we're willing to live with that small concession. Just screw on the gas flex line, plug in the electric cord, and shove it in until it stops. The range is zero clearance to the side cabinets with no heat issues.

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Thanks tinyhomebuilder. So Bluestar didn't require your electric outlet to be no more than three inches from the floor? That's what the installation guide says but I wasn't sure that was a requirement or just a suggestion if you wanted it to sit up against the wall. Do you know if the Wolf AG would work in the same way?

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