our Kathleen has a treat for us...

PurplemoonOctober 6, 2011

Her Thursday tablesetting post and photos will have you feasting on eye-candy, and drooling on your keyboard over those potatoes...then there's her poetry to tickle your fancy!

What a neat table, tho when isn't one of Kathleen's wonderful! Her food has always done me in but I HAVE to try these potatoes. Her witchy poem and fall decor are

the 'icing on this cake'.

(can you tell I'm a BIG fan of her's? I have been for a long time, and have a feeling I will be for years to come)

hugs, Karen

Here is a link that might be useful: Kathleen's blog post

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I hadn't gotten over there yet, so thanks for posting this Karen. I hadn't expected this year's edition of the witchy poem so that was a real treat to see--you do such a good job on those Kathleen. Loved all your fall decor on your wonderful porch and your pirate table was darling, bet your grandson just loved it too!;o) You always have the best ideas for food and it looks so delicious. Now I'm hungry and it's midnight! Better get to bed and forget about that yummy looking food--mine wouldn't be that good anyway! LOL


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I was able to go there last night and coment - and see her fabulous feast for the eyes and otherwise!
She is so darn creative..and such a great cook as well..
always inspiring.
It's nice that you shared this Karen, for those who
might have missed it.

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I missed it, PM!...so am happy (as always) to see Kathleen's blog! Love it! Yes, her witchy poem & Fall decor...& that t'scape! What a treat for her gr'son! Now I must try those potatoes! Jeanne S.

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Thanks for sharing, Karen
The witchy poem is the best! The table is delightful it would soften the hearts of pirates young and old. The potatoes look yummy too.

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Karen so glad you shared this with us. I enjoyed all of it. Darling pirate ts, poem was great, food looked yummy and neat fall decorations. Kathleen is so creative.

I'm having a hard time staying on top of all these posts but love having so much to enjoy. I even got an idea from the fall porch. I will have to think about bringing out the trees and decorating for fall and then changing to Christmas. And to think I wasn't sure there would be any outside decor this year. You are such a great bunch of enablers!


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I was just coming over to post, I was away all day yesterday, but no bargains to report!

Karen thanks so much for linking the table
It wasn't as detailed, my gkids would have had a hard time with all the extras!
Thanks so much for your kind comments, Ladies.
FYI, Lynn is a great gal who has a blog called Happier Than a Pig in Mud. Her mascot is this little pig named Earl, so he became the target of the witches this year!

Will he become their dinner? Who knows, but a few Free Earl rallies have sprung up!

Thanks again, you gals are great!

Karen, the potatoes are so easy!

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I just wanted to let you know I was at CTS last night.
There's tons of Christmas stuff! I don't know if you saw or are aware of the 'remote control' trio pillar candle lights.
I've been looking for them online - very expensive..The cheapest were at Walmart $22.. but were sold out. I was temped to buy them from HOme Depot.. ($24.95)..but decided to wait until I actually go there to save money on the shipping.
Well..Long story short - I saw them last night at CTS - same ones -
for $9.99 !! I bought two boxes and am thinking of going back for more. I replaced my mantel battery operated lights for these, and it's so much easier to just hit the remote and they go on or off and from up to 20' away !!
Great for displays that you don't want to disturb ea time to turn them on and off...
Well..just wanted to pass on whats at CTS..besides lots of other good bargains.

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Every time you tell me things I want to jump in the car and go! As of now I plan on Tues. as I have a coupon good till that day. It will prob be all picked over from the holiday weekend though. :(
Thanks for the heads up!
BTW, I went for 2 Bethlehem battery operated wreaths at QVC
Trying to make life easier up on the ladder! I hope they are bright!

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Good Luck on Tues..where did you get the Coupon?
I have one more email addy that I can use as a 'new customer' (as you informed me)..did you receive it online?
Just wanted to mention - as I don't think I was clear enough, that the remote candles come in a set of 3 per box.
I saw the Bethlehem Wreaths on QVC.. and they seem to get good reviews...let me know how they are when you get them.
Love when they do their early Christmas shows.
Also let me know how you make out at CTS. I'm going to try to get DH to stop there again tomorrow on the way back from NY - I want another set of those lights.

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Didn't go. I wanted a certain plate friend got in CT and our CTS didn't have them YET!

Yes, the coupon from the email.

The wreaths came, but to be honest , for what they cost they don't look that great! I will take a pic for you! They will def need some real greens added in.
I hope the lights are bright!

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What plate was it? I went back again on Sat to pick up another box of the candles. I was there late in the afternoon and it was like a mad house.
Sorry about the wreaths...I'm surprised because they usually have nice things. If you can add real greens w/o covering the lights that would be good. I'd like to see a pic when you get a chance.

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