is the miele speed oven "all that"?

mbwestfallMay 13, 2014

We are picking appliances for our remodel. We have no space concerns and are replacing an existing double oven. I am debating Miele convection and convection/steam vs speed oven and convection (or convection/steam?)

Our architect and Bulthaup rep both assure us that they are using speed ovens everywhere and everyone raves about them. What is the advantage, really? Are they just expensive microwaves? And has Miele taken a large price jump recently?

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Tell us about your current cooking / eating habits.

Didn't Bulthaup have a price jump at the beginng of this year ? Does that change your mind about that product?

Advantage is that it can function as a smaller second convection oven with traditional heating elements in addition to the combination function.

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"Most of us" here in GW, that have Speed Ovens, really like them, and Miele seems to be the favourite.

Being, "Somewhat of a Rebel", I bought the Electrolux.
We've had it for 8 years and it has been completely trouble free, except for a loose screw that mounts the handle.

I guess some folks buy the Miele cause it will broil, which the Elux will not, but I almost always do my broiling outside
and in the rare occasions I do not, I can use our regular Elux oven.

Being older, the larger the display on oven/speed oven, the better, and Elux has the largest display.

We do a lotta potatoes, sweet potatoes and Yams, and being able to "Speed cook" them in 14 minutes, (Including preheat), sure beats doing them in the regular oven @ 45-60 minutes.

My speed oven is one appliance I'll never be without!


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I cook for my family of four almost every night. I would call myself a good practical cook but not any kind of chef. Speed is definitely of the essence because I work full time as well and cook to try to feed two teenagers somewhat healthfully at home. I use one oven two or three times a week, mainly for roasting meats and vegetables or cooking a casserole, and both maybe once a month.

I will bake, some, on the weekend as well. As to price, Bulthaup is our major splurge. Miele is not exactly a budget brand but I want to try to get the most for our money. This is the last remodel I expect we will ever do on this house so it needs to last!

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Bulthaup rank in the best of the business category in terms of kitchen design and installation. They use Miele products for a variety of reasons. This is not some small town kitchen designer making a suggestion so I would be disinclined to second guess them. They know what they are doing.

That said, are they suggesting one full-size (i.e. 30" oven) plus a speed or convection/steam? Or are they suggesting only a speed or convection/steam? It isn't quite clear.

Are you also planning for/need a microwave?

My only other suggestion is to watch the placement of ovens if there is more than one and be sure it's comfortable for you -- not just great for the design. But in their showrooms they are very good on that issue usually.

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I love my speed oven - mine is the advantium 240. I use it all of the time. Today, I reheated frozen pancakes and bacon using the speed function - they tasted almost as good as fresh off the griddle and had been in the freezer a long time.

I don't bake a lot in it - but it does work. Usually, I am baking many items at a time.

It does takes some pre-planning. Once you heat up the oven with the speed function, the sensors for the MW can't be used until it cools down - you can MW by time or by food but not sensor cook. Most of the time, I MW first and then Speed afterwards.

I call it a MW on steroids. It bakes, browns, grills (although I don't grill as too messy!), MW, reheats, melts, etc.

I stacked mine with a Wolf convection oven - I would not want it one iota higher than it is. The KD said no higher and I believed her and she was correct.

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