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phonegirlOctober 27, 2012

Can you believe it's almost Halloween. I have a busy weekend ahead so I best post our ts now. I'm pretty sure it's now or never.LOL I wanted to bring in alittle more decor but it will have to wait till next year to come out and play.

Alot of my decor is from the past years but it is setup a bit different. Didn't put out any spider webs this year but used alot of green spiders on the black tree in the cp.

DD bought us this witch. I love her but DGD thinks she is scary! She didn't like my other one a few years back but she learned to love her before Halloween. I used purple, orange and blue for the place settings to match her dress.

Only found 3 of my witch hat napkin holders. The others must still be out in the shed. This is what happens when one collects to much!

Even the chandy got some black and silver added.

Here's our little Pumpkin, TJ. Her hat was a little large but I tucked it up under and it worked.

Does she look like a Rowena? Any ideas for a name for her? My first thought was Hagatha but I'm kind of a hag sometimes and that might be hitting a little to close to home for me.LOL Rowena is the witch who likes to shop and that is sooo me.haha We might enjoy jumping on our brooms and going for a ride! She has behaved quit well even tho she looks like she's full of it, she's a keeper! Maybe next year she will get to have some of her family in to join her.


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Yep, I think Rowena is perfect since she likes to shop. LOL. What a cute witch! And speaking of cute, TJ's costume is adorable.

I don't know how you find time to do all the decorating as hard as you work. But we are so lucky you do, I wouldn't want to miss a thing! Those silvery spider pumpkins are really neat....and are those PURPLE pumpkins I see or is my monitor playing tricks on me? Everything looks so festive.

hugs, Karen

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Thanks Karen. Funny you say Rowena is a cute witch. DGD doesn't like her is because she only has one EYE open and she thinks that makes her look scary. She hasn't seen her since I added her pail with the lg green spider. I picked up TJ's costume at a friends ys for a quarter this summer.

The purple pumpkins were cardboard ones that I picked up at JoAnns's on clearance. I painted them purple to go with my witch plaque that's sitting on the buffet in the top picture one year. Wouldn't they be fun to add spider webs or a design on? Got me thinking...if I ever stay home long enough. DD bought me the silver spider pumpkins and that big black BOO one.

Thanks for looking and all your sweet comments. I'm off and running today.


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Rowena ... perfect name for your witch ... I can see why your DGD would think she is a bit scary-lookin'! But that 'wink' of her eye cast a spell on me!

Oh, you're all decked out for Halloween...& that lil' pumkin' TJ is lookin' so CUTE! ...& I like her stuffed friends in the high chair w/her!

Your t'scape is a great haven for Halloween guests!! Eww...the little mouse on the table & those spiders in the tree! Great choice of colors you used in the place settings...purple & orange tog! Love all the pumpkins & of course, the candlelight!

Happy Halloween, punk! Spooktacular!!! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Punk, I had to go back and relook at all your pictures because I spotted your two painted items in the first picture and kept thinking that I'd not seen them before and I really needed a closeup of them! That's a hint. LOL

Love your new witch, tell DGD that she's not missing an eye, she winking at her! ;o) And what a perfect costume you found for TJ, she looks so cute in it. I love see what each of you come up with for your "girls" each holiday/season.

Table turned out really good, you always have so many great dishes and accents. You are a good shopper for sure.


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Yep, Rowena is definitely winking and she has great smile...happy but mischievious. So she's a 'good witch' and I stand by my Cute too.

But you, like Candy, needed to decorate sooner to get me going this year. And now Teagan is just begging for a costume for Halloween too. LOL. Jeanne chimed in too late with her "butt kicking", tho I imagine she'll continue till she's sure I'm doing something for Christmas this year. ;o) Luvs decided I need it as well, you should see the card she sent me in real mail. I laughed out loud. Has a cute desert scene on the front and says...
"the World is full of cactus, but you don't have to sit on it"! I need to keep this card in plain view all the time. LOL. Who knew Luvs could kick butt so well.

hugs, Karen
PS I have a little surprise for Teegan, she'll be happy come Halloween!

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I guess 'Rowena The Shopping Witch' wins - Hands Down!
I've got to tell you, I relate to your DGD not liking her..
she does have that scary look to her.
Reminds me of a Witch my Father hung up when I was little and it always
haunted me..same kind of 'look in her eye'!! lol
Anyway...Love your much fun going on there.
Cute CP and love your color scheme of purple/orange & blue to match Rowena.
The blue color of your stems is beautiful..
TJ's looking real cute - you're such a good Mommy always finding her cute outfits to wear.
I too spotted your painted trays...That 'Retro' Witch is one of my favorites of yours. I think I once said she reminded me of Veronica Lake! (don't know if you know who that is)
Thanks for sharing your Halloween Party w/us...I don't know
how you manage since you work 24/7 and then some!! lol
But I always enjoy seeing what you do.

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I'm out the door again! I took to long enjoying Jeanne's decor but will try to get back her tonight and thank all of you for looking and posting.


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punk...I forgot to add about your cool linens! the napkins colors & layering! ...and also the spiderweb runner for the centerpc & the subtle stripes in the dark t'cloth...everything is set for a Halloween party!!! Your holiday tables are always fun!!! Jeanne S.

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Jeanne, that white mouse was DM and I always thought it was gross. Now here I am using it on of all things my Table.Geez Years ago I would of never used witches, mice, spiders or skeletons to decorate with. Any more nothing really bothers me for Halloween. I just think of it as somehting fun for the moment.

The runner is one I've had for a few years. The orange napkins are new. Now I can make carrots for Easter. I hope Rowena's spell she cast on you was a positive one.LOL

Luvs, I'm pretty sure you've seen my painted plaques in the past but here's another close up for you.

Do you remember the pink Boo platter? It is one of Jamie MillsPrice patterns. Glad you like Rowena and I'll tell DGD again she's winking and likes her. It's nice you enjoy seeing the little girls dressed for the different occasions. I stopped by a friends home the other night and she had her old play table set up in her front room with two bears having a tea party. It was so neat.

Karen, so maybe it isn't Candy and myself who need to keep you decorating. Sounds like Luvs is so on top of it! Yea, keep that card out and maybe it'll be enough to keep you decorating.

Can hardly wait to see Teagan's Surprise.

Jane, so sorry to hear you had to look at a spooky witch as a child. Wouldn't keep this one out if DGD was really afraid of her.

Do you remember she didn't like my last witch to begin with and then ask if she could take her home. I wanted to borrow her last year and she said "Nana, you know she's the only sister I have." I looked up Veronica Lake and read about her. I can see why she reminded you of this witch. It's all about that hair. Just found out today that one of my DBro's and family will all be coming for Christmas. I'm so excited but it may change how I decorate to some degree.

Thanks for all your coments. I'm still doing laundry to gotten go.


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It's all just wonderful!
Rowena is definitely winking because she is getting ready for some mischief, LOL
I think she is just fabulous and I like your additions.
The table is so fun and colorful. I have mice running around on my table too!
You sure got a great buy on TJ's costume! She looks quite pleased with it!

Love it all, and will be back to look more later.


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I love, love, love your table, Punk.
The white (ghost) mouse is too cute.
The pumpkin costume is perfect for TJ.
She looks happy to be part of the fun..
Rowena is my kind of witch, full of mischief.
I'll bet the 13 witches will stop by to invite her to go flying with them.
Be on the lookout, because they have been known to cause
TROUBLE wherever they go.... LOL

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Thanks Candy, hope your taking pictures of your mice to share w/us.LOL They really do creep me out but I'm ok for Halloween decor. I'm not surprised you think Rowena is fabulous. I can see you decorating with her too.haha

Nana, oh yes, do you have the witches under control this year in their cabinet? I'm sure Rowena would love to go out flying with them and see what kinda trouble they could brew up.LOL You are going to be pretty special to her knowing she's your kinda witch.haha I actually have been looking forward to seeing all of your collection again. Hope you have time to share.

Thanks so much Candy and Nana for all your sweet comments. Won't be long before the little spooks will be out. I'm thinking I should dress up this year but all I have left here is my old lady mask. The kids just haven't wanted to borrow that one. Might have to see if any of you recognize me!


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Thanks for the closeup of your painted plaques, Punk. The pink ones seems vaguely familar, but don't remember the cute witch one--love it!

The card I sent to Karen just cracked me up and since she lives in Phoenix where lots of cactus grow, it seemed appropriate. I'm glad she has a sense of humor and enjoyed it too! LOL


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