Halloween Mantel (Pic Heavy)

slinkeyOctober 23, 2011

Hi Everyone...I felt I'd better get going on some Halloween decorations since it's only a week away.

I used just some of my decorations on my mantel and will probably put out a few more things here and there.

Hope you enjoy what I did...

As you can see...I cut some branches to use as a 'backdrop'. You might remember DH's painting of the Old Tennessee Woman...He wasn't thrilled that I used her for my 'Witch'...the kids got a kick tho!!

A closer Look...Many times people will say that she gives them the creeps because her eyes follow you around the room! When he first painted her...I hung it in the bedroom...but after awile...I didn't like her 'staring' all the time!! lol

I got the black metal cat at a Thrift Shop in town for only $1.50 !

All the Ravens are DT...

I mixed in some new and some Vintage Halloween (my favorite)!

I used a strobe lite and it gave me a pretty cool effect...see the yellow shadows!

Well that's all for now...Hope you enjoyed my

Halloween Mantel...


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WOW, Jane....I'm kind of at a loss for words. I NEVER would have thought of using branches like that, what a great 'look' for a mantel. My ravens would LOVE it there.

That's too funny about using DH's painting. The Old Tenn. Woman does look pretty creepy and perfect for Halloween!
He may never be able to look at her in the same way again.
Your mantel is FAN-SPOOK-TASTIC !
hugs, Karen

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WOW is right Jane.
Your mantel absolutely Spooktacular!!
Brilliant idea to use the branches.
I agree that using OLD Tenn Woman is the right choice as the witch
The lighting gives the mantel a wonderful eerie quality.

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Oh, jane...I am LOL about the TN woman portrait ...but I'm sad for your DH! I'm afraid to add that she IS a striking persona for a witch! That last pic w/strobe light is just WAY scary!!! (esp w/eyes following you around the room!) LOL!

Love the 'branch' idea! It adds so much height & originality for the Ravens to homestead! And your new candles in those WONDERFUL lanterns...WOW! Very cool & so versatile for decorating! But those PUMPKINS, that are scary to me, too! Love your collection w/oldies esp!

Yes, I think you've captured Halloween perfectly on your lovely mantel! I feel like I'm sitting in your family/LR room visiting!!! TFS! Jeanne S.

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Marlene Kindred

VERY cool mantel arrangement! Love your ravens, the picture, the pumpkins, the branches....well, all of it!

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Love the Jacks on the candleholders. The spider web is nice and creepy, and the ravens on the branches; the perfect touch.

The lanterns are very cool, and your vintage pieces with everything else are just "Boo-tiful."

The yellow shadows are eerily amazing and the mini lights set it all off.

Well done!!


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Thanks everyone...It was fun reading all your comments.
Glad you found everything


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Jane, you got it going on this! It's all 'TERRORIFIC' for sure. Fantastic pictures to capture the scene. Cool effect with the strobe light. I have an orange strobe light I bought but threw it back in the Halloween totes today.

I can understand DH not being impressed with using his picture but she's perfect! Maybe he'll see it differently after awhile if the GKids keep telling him "they like it."LOL

BTW, Costco has the remote candles in a variety pak for $19.99. They are on coupon so I'll be picking some up if they don't run out before I get down there.


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Punk, thanks for your sweet comments..
You've got to try your stobe light
and see how the pics turn out. The shadow effect was a surprise to me. I thought I was just going to see highlights.
Glad you spotted the remote candles at Costco...go and grab some..you won't be sorry. I wish they came in colors too.
Thanks again..

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Standing ovation!!! Jane, this is totally just awesome! I love that strobe effect! I love the mix of vintage and new. Everything is just Halloween scary perfect!

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The lighting effect is "icing on the cake" , I think. Love the natural branches serving as perches for the ravens and I have to admit , the painting freaks me out and I can't imagine!! having it in the room watching me. lol She's perfect for this occasion, no matter what DH says. lol

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Like the others have already said, Jane, you did a great job of making your mantel just right for Halloween. DH did a great job on the painting--but yes, the eyes would be a bit disconcerting. You have a great imagination and way of putting things together. Happy Halloween. Luvs

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