Tile Pricing Shock

whm121June 1, 2013

I was just going through one of the change orders our "investor" sent over as we are about to write the check. We are enclosing the shower in the master bathroom and he said we need 105 sf more of tile to do so. I was then looking at his price per sf- and we have not selected the tile yet, so it is still the "classic series" basic, basic tile from our spec list- and the charge is $8/sf for the additional tile in the master bathroom. We are also changing it from a tub to a glass door in the shower and that is also an additional 70 sf at $8/sf for a very, very basic tile. Is this correct? It seems extremely high. Our upgrades are supposed to be price + 15%. I don't trust the investor, who seems to keep himself in the mix rather than letting the builder do the job, so any input on pricing is appreciated.


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Sophie Wheeler

For tile plus the labor to install it plus the 15%, $8 a foot is cheap. Just wait until you get to the glass for that shower. With the change order fee, you'll likely be looking at at least 4K worth of glass.

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Can you post a drawing of what was to be tiled and what will now be tiled? Without a drawing and some dimensions, it is impossible to know if the amount of additional square footage is correct. Also, what size tile are you using? There is more waste with larger tile, so you need to buy more of it.

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Okay, this is good to know. This guy isn't very trustworthy (we didn't know this when we went under contract), so we are verifying everything! This change order does include the glass door, so we've already had time to adjust to that price increase. Just wanted to verify the tile as I was thinking about upgrading (that's another post on this board).

The shower is in the corner of the bathroom and roughly (it is an odd shape, so the square portion is 6' x 6'2" (there is an additional small portion the juts out probably another 2', but that direct measurement is not on the plans that I have.

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