KA dishwasher - KUDE40FXSS - any problems?

lpc1May 10, 2012

Bit the bullet on this one at Montreal appliance store -- couldn't find any floor models of cheaper KUDE20IX -- but price on the "40" was good. Getting cold feet though, reading about leaks, door/latch issues, control panel failure. Should I return and get a refund before delivery???

Grateful for any quick feedback on this or similar models. Have had 8 years of problems with my Miele, decided to go "downmarket" but don't want more headaches, either.


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I have the 70 series and could not be happier. I have no leaks, it is super quiet and everything comes out clean and dry...

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I love my KA too, I have a slightly older model (50 series) and I love it. I wouldn't trade it for anything.

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I am hoping to hear good feedback as I am getting the KUDE60FXSS for my new kitchen. I have a 7 year old Kitchenaid that I have had no problems with. The only reason I am replacing is because we are going to put the current one in our mountain home.

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Thanks Emilner and SeaKoz. Can I ask how long you've had yours and if any service calls? Debating about extended warranty (I usually never buy) given KAfire alerts....

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I have my new one 7 months. I had a 40 or 50 series for 8 years before that with no problems. We redid our entire kitchen so I just upgraded to the new one. Zero issues so far. I seriously can't believe how great it is. I often accidentally open it while running it is so quiet. Everything comes out spotless and dry. We use finish tabs with jet dry. I think the finish tabs are years ahead of the cascade powder we used to use.

I personally don't believe in extended warranties. My belief is that by the time you buy them on all the things you want to, you could just go ahead and self insure everything for less money.

There are a few exceptions- if I was to keep my BMW or a MB past it's factory warranty I would certainly pick up an extended one...

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I've had my 60 Series for about a year and a half. Don't like it; I LOVE IT!!! Easy to load, holds a ton of dishes and cookware, spotless cleaning and so quiet I don't know it is on. Have had no issues at all, no service calls. I also use Finish Quantum and Jet Dry.

If it's in your budget get one of the series with the cutlery tray. But no matter which you buy it is a GREAT diswasher.

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Great feedback, thanks. Had the Miele cutlery tray, feel like penny-pinching this time round. Final question: do any of you have issues with the venting system? Is there steam coming out the top, front, bottom... sides? People have complained about ruined cabinetry.

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Those were the old styled units. My unit has inlet vents in the sides and an outlet vent on the bottom. The sides stay dry as a bone and I have it hidden in full inset cabinetry.

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I have a KUDE70 I'm pretty sure. It has vents on the top left of the door. It does make steam but it dissipates before really affecting anything. I love the thing, FWIW.

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Aliris- how old is your unit? Does it have another vent on the bottom that comes out right under/behind the cabinetry?

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I have had the 60 series for about 3 weeks now. I saw the posts out here about the vents as well. I asked the guy at the local store and he said that no one had complained to them about this problem. I will say I am in love with this new dishwasher. Mine vents on the top right hand side, but it is not open while the machine is drying.

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We got the 70 series two years ago and love it. It is VERY quiet and cleans great. the vent is on the top of the door, left side, but I have never seen anything come out of it and there is no issue with moisture at all. Maybe they have redesigned them now.

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FYI, went back to the store. Checked all the KA's on the floor. All had vents on left side. Asked the sales guy, who called the Whirlpool rep, who says they are all intake vents, no outtake. The 60's and ups have the Pro Dry option which means there's a fan that blows condensation out the bottom (I saw the outtake vent on the 60). No fan on the 40. Cancelled extended warranty (what the heck), scheduled delivery and and will keep my fingers crossed that I will be a Happy Camper in 5++ years time!

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as a new owner of aforementioned dishwasher, i actually did have an early problem with the door latch.
installed in early march, the latch failed w/in 2 weeks. apparently this is a known defect and the warranty covered installation of a new latch.
other than that inconvenience, i've been delighted w/ the results

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