Toto Toilet Heights

dakota01June 29, 2010

I think I have Toto TMI syndrome !!

All the information is getting scrambled together !

Can someone clarify Toto heights and suggest typical heights that are being used by the normal homeowner.

I've seen comfort height mentioned and also ADA, don't know if they are one in the same or totally different.

My last house I had low profile - which I know I definately do not want in my new home. I want a taller toilet but not one that leaves my feet dangling!! haha.. I'm 5'2

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I don't recall if the Soiree is described as being Comfort Height or ADA. I think there is a difference.

We have the Soiree in two bathrooms at the moment, soon to be three. I am 5'3" and it's not too high for me. It does take a little bit of getting used to (the taller height), but not overly so. It's obviously more noticeable when I'm barefoot, or in just socks--when I'm wearing sneakers for ex., my feet reach better, and I can probably have my feet flat on the floor. W/out shoes, my heels probably don't touch the floor. Definitely not dangling though.

The trade-off for the knees and legs is worth it IMO (not much of an issue now, but could be as I move to the other side of 50!).

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IMHO, Comfort height is perfect! ADA is a bit high for people under 5'4". My MIL had hers changed, she couldn't adjust to not being able to touch the floor. Comfort is much easier to get on & off too!

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I believe Comfort Height is a trademarked term used by Kohler for their toilets. They are ADA compliant and from what I've seen, close to the same as Toto's ADA compliant toilets in terms of height from edge of bowl to floor. ADA allows for a variance between 16.5" and 18" in height from the floor and still be ADA. Normal is 14-15". So if you are short, you should look for the bowl height off the floor and not specifically just by the ADA label because of the approved height range of over 2 inches.

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is their 'comfort' height the normal height of other toilets?

at 5' I can tell you that with a broken kneecap getting up/down on the pot is TORTURE! lol! mine is the normal hght of one from the 70's.

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If you are 5' tall, you won't want a ADA toilet. Not without a step!

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Yikes ... I never even though about the HEIGHT of a toilet! Interesting predicament when one of us is just over 5 feet and the other is 6'4".

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