Can't find good Wolf oven or induc. cooktop reviews

Janet.2012May 18, 2012

I'm a newbie here. I have read alot of theads about appliances here and also researched the web for hours. On this site I find that a lot of you have a good impression of Wolf ovens and induction cooktops, but I don't know where that impression comes from. Consumer Reports rates the ovens below average and induction cooktop reviews for Wolf seem non-existent.

Can anyone site references for me?

I have the opportunity to purchase a Wolf product at employee pricing (huge discount), but I am not sure it is worth it (?) We are doing a kitchen remodel on an average budget. Thanks for any input.

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Most of what you'll find here is personal experience and anecdotal type of reference. I have owned GE Profile and Jenn Air ranges...and all in the last 4 years, Fisher & Paykel wall ovens, GE Monogram wall oven, and now Wolf wall ovens. The performance of the Wolf is very impressive over the others. The F&P was good, but I still never loved 'convection' until the Wolf. And Wolf customer service has been excellent.

I find the claims made about their (long-proven and tested) technology for the dual fan convection in the linked document to be true in use in our kitchen... Where our large family bakes almost daily, and really puts an oven through its paces with weekly pizza nights, running the oven, plus opening the door a lot, at 500-525 degree temps for which it cooks consistently, pizza after pizza. The Monogram sure couldn't handle that.

Employee pricing on the Wolf oven? I'd jump at that in a second. If you're getting a double oven, consider getting 2 single E series, or the double L series, depending on which look you like. The bottom oven on the E series doesn't have convection modes or the use of the probe, and with convection that works this well, I miss it in the 2nd oven.

Here is a link that might be useful: Wolf Dual Convection

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I also wanted to say that I ended up on the forums here because I couldn't find adequate information or reviews on the brands I was interested in, so I understand your frustration. I was COMPLETELY disappointed with the limited models and brands investigated by Consumer Reports and how/what they tested and rated.

I'd owned too many of the brands they rated highly, and wasn't impressed. Just because an appliance doesn't require service calls doesn't mean they work well or don't cause the owner expense. Over time we repeatedly replaced parts and pieces (plus exorbitant shipping) enough on a Maytag fridge they recommended to almost buy a whole new refrigerator... Starting just weeks after the warranty ran out. But when Consumer Reports sent us a questionnaire, it didn't ask anything that would allow us to tell about the problems we'd had. More research online told me I wasn't the only one with similar disappointments.

I feel more confident in the reports from people who have used their appliances in regular everyday use. Of course, we don't all cook the same, but this conversational format allows us to get clarification, and sometimes we even run tests for each other to answer specific questions.

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