Witch's Wardrobe

christmascandyOctober 30, 2010

Wanda the Witch (a character in the Witch's Party book on my Witch's Party table) has left her cape, shoes & socks, hat, broom, and familiar by my front door. I guess she is getting ready for her big night!! LOL

I found the broom bristles (no handle) at the TS the day Kath & I went shopping and then found the stick on the golf course while I was playing. I caught a ration of **** from our group about my Flintstone club, but I knew it would be perfect for the broom handle and it was!!

The shoes were given to me by some of my friends since they know what a shoe collector I am! I don't really care for the skull & crossbones on them, but I figured Wanda might like it! LOL

Best Witches!!


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Everything is cute, but that "broom handle" is just perfect!
I got a big LOL over your friends seeing you stick that in your golf bag.

hugs, Karen

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Wanda Has the perfect getup for her big night. She'll be very stylish in her new shoes. Did she thank you for getting her a new broom handle? Be sure she takes her familiar with her.... It won't like to be left behind!!!LOL

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OK. I learned something new. I didn't know what a familiar was. Had to look it up.

I think Wanda loves those shoes - even the skulls. And I'm a big fan of the leggings! Nice job all around.

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Looks like Wanda will have good weather for traveling
tomorrow, and by the looks of her clothes and broom...
she's all set to go!
Great wardrobe..love the shoes and the broom is perfect.
Laughing over what a great 'freebe find' the broom handle was! lol


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What a cute vignette you've created by your door! Love your tree, the kitty and all the "witchy" fashions. How great that even while golfing, you were thinking about decorations for your home! The shape of that stick really is just perfect for your broom.

I can tell you are able to look at things and visualize what you can do with them--many shoppers (me included) might have passed up that perfect witch's broom because the handle was missing! You saw it and KNEW you could find a handle for it! Way to go!


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Cute Candy! Very stylish shoes!
OA , now I have to go look it up!
Karen, your graphics are great!

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Ah, the kitty is the familiar! Learn something new all the time!

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The teacher in me is thrilled that learning has occurred because of my post!
I learn things on here also.
Karen, Now I need to learn how you do all the fun graphics and fonts. Is it in the tutorial that was posted the other day??
I have to go back and try to find that so I can see if this old dog can learn a new trick, LOL


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Candy, love the shoes and wonderful with the gr & wht stripped socks. The kids are going to love trick or treating and seeing all your decorations. Thanks Kathleen for letting me in on what a familiar was so I didn't have to look it up.


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Well the teacher in me (33 yrs) wonders why I never heard of it.:) Do you think it is regional?
When I was in college I asked what they were serving for lunch. They said, jumbo sandwiches. This NYer thought they meant hoagies or subs or grinders, but no, they meant bologna. I don't touch the stuff, so I was very disappointed!

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Candy, Kathleen, and others...whenever I see a graphic I like, I just save the picture into my Photobucket 'Cards' album and insert here the same way you insert any photos.
Animated graphics are gif instead of jpg and you can't resize them or anything as they stop moving. Thats why the old witch up there is a bit larger than I'd wanted her to be. If you want to save her, just right-click, then "save picture as" to your computer. I keep a graphics file in my PFC and then put a lot into Photobucket to use when I can here. As you may have noticed, I'm nuts about graphics, quotes, and sayings. I'm easily entertained. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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Fun post! Never head of "familiar" here either! Way to go, teachers! Love it! & your front door Halloween goodies are cute, candy!

kathleen...too funny...jumbo sandwiches!
purplemoon...great graphic witch! & I always enjoy your quotes & graphics! Looking forward to this next holiday! Jeanne S.

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Me too, Jeanne. I have had it with Halloween!
I love Tgiving. Except now it takes me so long to get the Cmas up, I get nervous about waiting to get it all done!

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What a cute display area, Candy! I'm especially loving your witch's shoes and stockings. What a great imagination you have! TFS!

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Thanks for looking and your great comments.
I have been a bookworm all my life and I honestly don't remember where I first heard the term "witch's familiar."
It could even have been on Bewitched. I loved that TV show! Probably in some book I read is the more likely answer.
Now, on to Thanksgiving!


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