The Last of My Halloween Decs: Part #1

lynninnewmexicoOctober 31, 2010

I've been dragging my feet, but have finally taken pics of the last of my decs. I'll start a new thread for the table, but here are some of the others.

Since I posted my last pics, I bought a new jack-o-lantern to light up the fireplace in our living room. It helps brighten up the gaping dark hole. Oops, I forgot to turn on the light for this pic!

I've hung an Autumn wreath that I made last year and then added one of Martha's birds to it:

I used one of the clings I bought at the DS on an old jar and filled it with eyeball candies. I painted the sad ghost who dropped his pumpkin many (many) years ago. I love that little guy!

The raku lamp and table in the living room also got a bit of a Halloween spruce up:

The wine cab got Halloweened up, too. I packed away a few things I usually keep in there, so that I could store my Halloween plates, chargers, bowls, etc. there, close at hand:

Sitting on top of it is a candelabra and my new Halloween cat that I found at TJM this year. I think he is so darn cute! I just jumped in my cart and I couldn't refuse him:

I found these martini glasses at the DS and thought their green stems might work great with my table. I added Halloween clings to them for fun:

More later.


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(LOL) I meant to say that "HE jumped in my cart" . . . not "I jumped". It's late, sorry.

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I'm really LOLing over YOU jumping in your cart...I figured the cat cast a spell on you. Cats can be witches you know!
Everything is spooked-up so good. Of course my favorites are still the way you did the framed artwork. That's just too cool. But your wine cabinet really looks good. The autumn wreath you made is really nice! And I got a kick out of the big, sparkly green spider on the end table. If I'd seen one like him, I'd have jumped in my cart too. LOL.

hugs, Karen

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That Jack-o-lantern in the fireplace is just too cute! And that spider web on the mantel turned out very classy!

Oh and those martini glassed! Hm... well, I also LOVE the cabinet containing the glasses ;)

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Your house would give Disneyland's Haunted Mansion a run for its money. There's HALLOWEEN everywhere you look. Your fireplace, with the Halloween witch stockings, is a kick! Does the Great Pumpkin come at midnight and fill them with goodies?
I see you have one of your Halloween dishes in the cabinet. I forgot to comment on them on your other post. They're really cute. Just like Candy's table she posted earlier, they contain all the "Halloween colors" and you can just go wild with any and all ideas.

Happy Halloween.

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Great pictures,Lynne, I love the ghost picture over the mantle and that giant spider crawling down the wall. The Raven sitting on the wreath looks like he wants to get out and cause some havoc. That sad little ghost looks unhappy cause he can't get at those eyeballs. I can understand that cat jumping into your cart. He wanted to be part of the festivities at your house.

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I wrote in post #2...but will comment here too.
I love all your creative touches. Everything is done so tastefully.
I think your mantel, this year is the perfect 'Halloween Mantel'. Just the right touches to make it 'Fun & Spooky'! Great idea with the large Jack in the 'black hole'. He's perfect there.
Love your wreath with the Raven, but my favorite 'guy' is that cat sitting on top of your cabinet. He's wonderful...
I've have a few of those cats - similar to this guy, and they Are such fun to look at.
I agree with could compete with the 'Disney Haunted Mansion' !


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It all looks great, Lynn. What a good idea to put the light up jack o lantern inside the fireplace. I'm going to have to remember to do that with mine next year. Cute little fella you found at TJM and I love where you placed him--like he has a front row seat to watch all the festivities! You did such a good job on the lamp, and I like that big green spider too. I am most impressed with how you covered your pictures and made them look like Halloween. My picture above my fireplace really didn't fit in with my Halloween mantel so I need to find a way to do that too. Lots of great ideas you've shared, and your decorating as always is wonderful! ;o)


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You are so creative and your decorations are terrific. I need to remember to buy some black cheesecloth. What a wonderful lamp cover and I loved it on the windows. The ghots's face is so funny by those eyeballs and your guard kitty so cute.


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Ahhh,'s been so much fun looking at all your Halloween/Fall decor! Again, those "boots" on the mantle that you posted awhile back...they are so-o-o cute...and that pumpkin you chose is perfect for the fireplace box! Finishes it all off! But like some others have said, your idea to cover your original art works on the walls is so unique & works beautifully! I love your 1st Halloweeny & fun!

My fav pc I haven't seen before is your "pouting ghost" ...reminds me of my littliest GS (when tired & mad) who was here this weekend...can certainly be a charmer with some of those faces...& your lil' ghost is a charmer...ceramic keepsakes pay off!

And I love the wine that you have everything at your fingertips for using! The stemware is pretty & the added clings sure fit in right now!

Ahhhh, lynn, spooky &'ve been busy, woman! TFS & I bet your DD is enjoying this Halloween Haven! Jeanne S.

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Thanks for all the nice comments! Another late-to-the-party thread from me, I know, but I did want to share all my hard work with you before I pack it away . . . and, after 3 weeks of it, I'm ready!
A few quick comments/answers:
Karen: what I did for the artwork is cut up just one (perfect IMO) plastic door cover from the DS ($1) and taped the pieces over the glass using blue painters tape. You could actually use any kind of tape, but I knew that the painters tape wouldn't damage the wood frames. You just have to be very careful (which I wasn't, but will now be in the future) not to wrinkle the plastic, as every wrinkle will show up on your photos of it!

Prosperity: thanks! The cab is an antique from India that we repurposed to hold our crystal decanters and wine in the dining room. It's fun to decorate for the holidays, too.

Punk: the black cheesecloth was just $1/pkg at the DS. I just checked and actually used 4 of them on those windows.

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