GE Monogram 48' Range Review

toddaoMay 8, 2012

We've been in our new home now for 8 months and I used this forum quite a bit to research our appliance selections. We ended up going with the GE range and since I couldn't find too many reviews I thought I'd go ahead and share my experience thus far. We purchased the range and GE hood because of the rebate that was available and in general I've been happy with both. The ovens are great, no complaints there. The only minor complaint is with the temperature knobs which move very easily (too easily). Early on in my experience I had both ovens going and inadvertently bumped one of the knobs and ended up moving the temp to 450 and burned what I was cooking. I've learned to be MUCH more careful, but I still think the knobs are too easy to move. The only complaint I have about the cooktop is that I think it probably takes longer than it should to boil water. This was actually something I also have subsequently seen on Consumer Reports for their review of the 36", and I would definitely agree. We've had no other problems though, and I would say that in general I'm pretty happy with the purchase. We also went with the Sub-Zero 48" Fridge which we love and the Kitchenaid KUDE70F which we also love and have had no problems with. Hope this is helpful.


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Glad to hear you are happy with your ge monogram range. We have had our 36" GE Monogram cooktop for about the same time so i thought i would chime in with my experiences with my GE Monogram cooktop. It has a nice big burner that goes to 18000 BTUs and then down 140 for simmer (low simmer on all burners) which i really like. It makes a big difference to me to have the super high and low low. I've also found that i don't look at the knob setting anymore - i look at the flame and how it hits the pan to determine the setting. On the boiling, I would agree its not super fast. I think you have to go to induction to really speed that up. I've had no problems with clicking or flames going out (which i had alot with my old cooktop) and i really like the indicator on the knob (no problem with melting or hot knobs either).

I did call GE about one of my grates chipping/rusting and they sent a new one right out and i haven't had that happen again.

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