Help needed for Bathroom/Closet layout

PeteleyJune 4, 2013

We are trying to finalize our floor plan so we can start to build our forever home. We live on a 40 acre farm with southern exposure. The bathroom is in the Northeast corner.

I've spent so much time on the kitchen layout that I have neglected our bathroom. I think the bathroom is in need of help because the toilet is so far away from the vanity.

It might be helpful to mention that this is the master bathroom but we need to have access for visitors because itâÂÂs the only bathroom on the main floor. We thought about adding a small bathroom but weâÂÂre trying to maintain a small footprint. WeâÂÂll have another full bathroom in the walkout basement and we also have a full bathroom in the shed for use when weâÂÂre outside. IâÂÂm fine if the closet needs to be changed up as well.

One final thing to mention is that my husband wakes up at 4am for work, so I thought the closet in between the bedroom and bathroom would allow me to sleep in.

IâÂÂm hoping you have some suggestions for our bathroom/closet layout!

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I too like the idea of keeping light from the bathroom out of the bedroom. I think your plan looks okay ( I am no expert!)
I think you could add that small powder room and keep the small footprint. When you share a master bathroom with company, your bathroom and closet are on display. Also, with two doors into the bathroom, people are always locking and unlocking two doors to use the bathroom and children don;t always remember to open both doors.
By taking a small space from your master closet, you could add a small powder room off the hall way. Someone else may have other ideas as to whether this will work. Pocket doors would help.

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Thanks for the suggestion. That layout would work out nice and still have room for a decent size closet.

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