Things Are Looking a Little Spooky Here

phonegirlOctober 4, 2011

I decorated for fall and Halloween together this year. When it's time to put away the spooks I shouldn't have to do much more decorating for fall. I have a couple of cardboard pumpkins I want to paint but not sure what color yet and I love the polka dot ones so maybe.

I filled the new china cab with fall and then changed it out for Halloween. I'll be able to decorate for fall later. Most of my decor is for DGD and she will be spending the weekend with us so should be fun to hear her comments. I'm hoping this will be enough to satisfy me.

Didn't have any candy to put in my glass pumpkins so caught a bat for the moment.LOL

The little witch hats are candles and so are the pumpkins but are hard to see. Will probably use these on a table later.

Closeup of decal. $1 at the DP store.

Candy heres your inside shot you asked for. Don't remember what else you wanted to see but I'll post later if I missed something.

Casper lights up and spook tree candle holders.

A little haunted house that says Happy Halloween but doesn't light up. The silver and black glitter pumpkins light up.

Can you guess what TJ's gonna B? DD bought her these little witch shoe covers and her new Halloween baby. The baby's winking and holding a money bag. Her tummy says "Just The Money Honey." Jeanne did you notice her little crystal leaf that matches Dollbaby's? Sure hope Teegan arrives soon to join her sisters.

DD also bought all of the new glitter pumpkins, dishes, candle holders and etc. I love the color of the green glitter pumpkins. Are these something that could be left up for fall?hum!


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Punk, I'm sure your DGD will love your decorations, I know I do...It is a Halloween Wonderland!!
Is little Miss TJ looking forward to Trick or Treating? She looks so cute in her costume.
It seems your DD is quite the Enabler LOL!
TFS and have a wonderful time with your DGD this weekend.

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wonderful decorations. the doll is fabulous! lol =)

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Marlene Kindred

Wow! I'd say you're ready for Halloween for sure! You have some great things all of the glittery pumpkins, etc. Baby doll looks great and ready for trick or treat too!

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Oh, you make Halloween so much fun, punk! I'm sure your DGD is gonna love it & I'm glad your DD is a true 'enabler!' LOL!

Everything just looks so FUN! Love the decor in the new china cabinet w/doors & your Casper house is sweet! Beautiful Fall arrangement on your cart but the decor is so CUTE, too! Your new buffet looks great, what you did with that boot! All the painted wood things there...very cute! & your 'pumpkin' candleholders look goo adding heighth w/your pretty lamps!

LOL at how adorable TJ looks decked out the holidays! Sweet, the same leaf for goodies in it! The shoe covers are a hoot! Terrific idea & that witch's hat, too! Her new doll looks very Halloweeny! Love it all! TFS...I think you are having alot of fun! (so did I lookin'!) Jeanne S.

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Such fun displays Punk...I agree that your DGD will love it all and especially TJ! She looks so cute with her little witch shoe covers and hat. Her new little doll is the saying on her tummy!
Cute display on your buffet and cart..I love seeing the tray you painted with the 'Retro Witch'!
I was laughing over your DD buying so many neat things for you to 'play''s like 'she's the mother'.. buying for you - like you're 'her DD' !!
Your new china cabinet is beautiful and is just perfect to show off your collections.
You're way ahead of me - all set for Fall & you can sit and enjoy!!

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Jeanne's doing it again...back to taking most all the words right out of my mouth before I can use them. LOL.
She use to do that a lot tho.

TJ is just precious dressed up in her witch outfit, except she's got such a SWEET face she will definitely have to be the GOOD Witch! (would your DD want to adopt me! I love how she spoils you! Jane is right with her comment. LOL)

You really did a LOT of decorating! And its wonderful, fun, make-me-smile vignettes all over. I am suitably impressed with everything. And envious, LOL. Want to do my house, it needs help!

hugs, Karen

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Wow, you have some fabulous decorations!!
Where do I begin...I love the witch shoe with the sunflowers, the scarecrows in front of it, the candles, the glittery pumpkins, TJ's costume, the candy corn platters, it would probably be easier to list what I don't like, especially since there isn't anything. LOL

That $1 stencil is so cool, I want one too!!

Thank you for the photos. I really enjoyed looking.

Love it all!!

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Thanks Nana, I plan to only have fun this weekend with DGD. Sometimes it's hard for me to let things go but that's what I'm gonna do.

PJ, thanks. Hope you will come here and share in the fun more often.

Marlene, so glad you enjoyed looking. You always have such sweet comments.

Jeanne, here's the real kicker. TJ's shirt is a dish towel! I learned this trick from you, didn't I?ROTFLMBO I didn't have an outfit for her but while bringing out the Halloween decorations I spotted two tea towels with pumpkins and the rest just fell into place for her.

Jane, DD is a dream and I love buying for her as much as she does me. I truly wish everyone could have a daughter like her! One would think I could sit and rest but I have to fill all of this furniture up! I'm hoping to separate some of my dishes by holidays now that I have more room.

Karen, don't let that sweet little face fool you!haha DD would love to have another child. I'll ask if she's interested in an older sister for DGD.LOL

I think I should come and do the running for you decorating but you would have to be the one sharing how to do it! BTW, your decorations are above and beyond.

Candy, I picked up another decal that says "Go Confidently in the Direction of your Dreams". I haven't put it up yet. Maybe I should sent it to OA! Seems to fit her doesn't it?

Thanks so much for all the comments on my decorations. You ladies are the Best!


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In the time I've "known" you, you've certainly taken your decorating to a whole new level.
Job VERY well done, I can't even pick out a favorite piece, er two ,er three :-).

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