Kitchen Faucet: Any reason NOT to choose a pull-down spray?

susanpnMay 27, 2009

Time to decide whether to get a pull-down spray on the faucet, or a faucet with separate side sprayer. Is there any disadvantage to having a pull-down? I've always had a side sprayer and don't mind the extra hole in the counter, but are there additional practical reasons why the pull-down from the faucet spout is preferable? Also, if I go with pull-down, is there any type of button/switch to change from flow to spray that I should avoid/look to have? Any other tips?

Thanks in advance!

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We love our pullout faucets. (Pull downs are also loved on this forum.) A side sprayer has to always be held, but you can spray with a pullout or pulldown hands free! Just make sure that the particular faucet can do this. Ours (KWC Domo) has a button to tap that switches it to spray, rather than having to hold a button down to spray.

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I agree with Gizmonike. I am not a fan of the side spray for the reasons stated, and you would need one more hole in your countertop for it too.

I like pullout faucets. There are many on this forum who like pulldowns. I am linking a thread that discusses the pros and cons of both.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread about Pull-down vs. Pull-out Faucets

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Thanks so much, very helpful -- I had no idea a pull down and a pull out were actually two different things! That thread link was so helpful, really!
So I think I am going to choose a pull-OUT as I don't want a gooseneck shape and the pullouts I've seen on FaucetsDirect are the ones I naturally gravitate toward.
Thanks for your help, and also for making me think about the button that can hold the spray for me. Who knew choosing one little faucet would be so involved! Now I have to start thinking about the bathroom faucets.... :-)

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Consider this; when that hose breaks, you have no kitchen faucet, and this becomes a real pain until you replace it. We even tried a different brand hoping it would last longer but had the same problem. Finally replaced it with a regular faucet.

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1. Aesthetic: I never liked the looks of the pull down/out faucets. I believe it's because their necks are relatively thick & chunky, whereas I like slender & graceful.
2. Authentic: if you want a period look or a wall mount faucet.
3. Eventual deterioration of magnet/retractable part/etc. Although many on GW rave about great service and lifetime warranty, my friend's pulldown (Grohe? Delta?) has not wore well.

I have a Cifial with a side spray and a delicate neck, and I like it a lot.


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I also found them generally a little more expensive than the side spray.

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