How long does it take for the brick mortar to dry?

charliedawgMay 11, 2007

I'm wondering how long it takes for brick mortar to dry and show its true colors.

They started putting the brick on yesterday morning and stopped at about 4:00. It looks awesome, I LOVE it. I know that the mortar is going to lighten up substantially when it dries. It will look good lighter too so I'm not worried I just want to know when I will see what it is actually going to look like.

I drove by this morning and it is still the exact same color as yesterday. It hasn't lightened at all. My dh thinks they may have sprayed it down at the end of the day yesterday. I dunno? What's your thoughts?


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It probably depends a little on your climate but in the rainy NW, it took several days for it to lighten and the Mason said a full 2 weeks before you really see the final color. I personally didn't notice much of a change after about 3 days. Ours was went up a very dark gray and now it's really, really light gray.

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Lindy is right that it depends on climate. I am assuming you have a gray or colored mortar. We used white mortar and were told that it would not lighten.

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Our climate right now is a little damp because a passing storm that missed our house. :)

Txgal - we actually just have standard, light gray mortar. We didn't add any color. Thats why I was so suprised that it looked so dark. I'll be happy if it stays this color, it really looks good. But I'll also be happy if it lightens up. I just can't imagine that it would go from dark gray to light gray or white since it hasn't lightened up at all so far.

I guess only time will tell "God, give me patience and I WANT IT RIGHT NOW!!!!"

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they started our brick in december and we had some that lightened early, within the first day or two, and some that took a couple of months. I even posted a freaked-out post about why my mortar was different colors. Everything evened out in the end and looks the same.

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charliedawg-just back from our site and the brick is complete. I commented on a difference in mortar color and the head mason says, "yeah the darker is what we just finished and it will lighten up some as it dries." :) So turns out that the white mortar looked light grey when wet and white when dry.

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Depends on climate, temperature and humidity. Color may not cahnge for months in some cases.

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