Who else would understand? GE vs. Camp Chef.

bmorepanicMay 18, 2012

So, its not like I've ever been quiet about my animosity towards my p.o.c. GE Profile All Gas Convection slide-in. Hereafter it will be called simply "poc".

I was shopping to replace it a couple of years ago, had come to a decision and the kitchen died instead (long story - don't ask). That was so much money out the door that we kept all of the appliances except for replacing a dishwasher which died.

So, still can't replace poc and its still running (feel compelled to add) unfortunately. However, in my quest for outdoor cooking on the ultra cheap, I got a Camp Chef explorer stove - 2-30k btu burners and some gizmos to grill and griddle. Gotta burn off that "new" smell first, so I boil water.

Boil 2.5 pints of water -> 2 minutes from 68 degrees.

Boil 8 pints -> 10 minutes

Both are full rolling boils with the entire surface of the pan engaged, the burner was set at medium. I used two different pans just to see - the smaller quantity in an Teflon-aluminum pan and the larger is a steel 6 qt stock pot.

So (evil laughter), I decide to clock poc, same pans, same starting temp, same amount of water. 17k burner on high.

Boil 2.5 pints of water -> gave up at 12.5 minutes.

The outside edges of the pan were boiling but not about 5 inches across the center. Didn't try to do the larger pan, from past experience, it would have been a good 25-30 minutes.

I realize that an excellent cook could still produce an excellent (altho frustrating) meal on poc. Gotta say it, I wish one lived here BECAUSE A WATCHED POT NEVER BOILS on a GE Profile Powerburner.


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LOL, Bmore, thanks for sharing your test.

Although I have to say that the one thing that aggravates me on my 16K Wolf rangetop is how long it takes to boil water. Heating pans for searing, or anything else is so fast, but water... Have to plan ahead.

The other night, the kids were about to stream in from track and out again for youth group and I'd neglected to start the water for the spaghetti noodles. My quick answer was to heat about 1/4 pan of water (guessing about 2 qts) on the stove, then heat 2 more quarts of water to almost boiling in the microwave and add them in. So that way I had 4 qts of boiling water in about 10 minutes. I'd guess it'd usually be twice that.

But more than 12 minutes for 2 1/2 pints? That's slow. The POC needs to go! ;-)

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Yeah, it does. Its uneven, rusting oven is the bonus feature! It's so nice to have empirical proof that it really is crappy. However, with this economy and dh, gotta wait til it dies or the savings recover.

I never thought about microwaving some of the water. Hmmm.

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Why not get an electric kettle? I can boil 2 litres of cold tap water (approx 2 US quarts, 50F) in 6.5 minutes. They're cheap - $20 and up.

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Since seeing Jamie Oliver on 30 minute meals, I have lusted after one of those too.

First actual meal cooked was breakfast! Burners on low and still did homefries in less than half the time. I had forgotten what it was like to have heat. It's so nice to be outside cooking in the early morning.

If anybody else uses an outdoor stove, how do you moderate it when you want lower than low? Raise the pan?

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